Fine Brothers Net Worth 2018 - Height, Weight, Age, Biography

- March 20, 2018
Benny Fine and Rafi Fine, famous as  "Fine Brothers" on YouTube, are online freelance writers, directors, editors and content creators. They are well-known for their 'Spoiler series', 'Reactseries' and narrative video recording series. Their 'Kids React' Series gained the 'Best Viral Video recording Series' at the 39th Day time Emmy Honours in 2012 and 'Best Variety Web Series',. They was born in Brooklyn, America.
Benny Fine and Rafi Fine
Benny Fine and Rafi Fine
Sayings :

Benny Fine:-
Our company has grown so much over the years, and we are so grateful to have experienced this with all of you, who’ve been with us for years, as well as new people who join the Fine family every day
Rafi Fine:-
Part of why we believe this initiative is important is due to witnessing many creators, ourselves included, having their shows and formats blatantly stolen by companies and people, both online and on television. And we implore everyone not to support those companies and channels. When you notice someone ripping someone’s format off, don’t stand for it.
Net Worth Of Fine Brothers:

According to a source, they earn $1.8 million from Youtube advertisings that are $5000 daily. They have endorsements from various brands like Comedy Central, Ford plus more providing them income to work with their brand. They Have a net worth of $11 Million.

Profile Of Benny Fine:

  • Net Worth                :                  N/A
  • Height                      :                  1.7 m
  • Weight                     :                   N/A
  • Age                          :                   37 Years (March 19, 1981)
Profile Of Rafi Fine:

  • Net Worth               :                    N/A
  • Height                     :                    1.7 m
  • Weight                    :                    N/A
  • Age                         :                    35 Years (June 9, 1983)
Both Brothers has a net worth of $11 Million, If you found any wrong info in article please comment below for correction. Thanks :)