George W. Bush Net Worth 2018 - Height, Weight, Age, Biography

- March 12, 2018
George W. Bush is the 43rd Chief executive of America. He was sworn into office on Jan 20, 2001. Ahead of his Presidency, Leader Bush dished up for 6 years as the 46th Governor of the Condition of TX, where he attained a reputation for bipartisanship so when a compassionate conservative who molded public policy predicated on the key points of limited authorities, personal responsibility, strong households, and local control.
George W. Bush


  • Spouse: Laura Bush
  • Father: George H. W. Bush
  • Mother: Barbara Bush
  • Kids: Jenna Bush , Barbara Bush
Net Worth Of George W. Bush:
Nowadays, he gets $150,000 per speaking proposal, and his net worth is $40 million by May 2017, according to Celebrity Net Worth .


  • Net Worth             :                   $40 Million
  • Height                   :                   1.8 m
  • Weight                  :                   N/A
  • Age                       :                   71 years (July 6, 1946)