Joanna Hoffman Net Worth 2018

- March 29, 2018
Joanna Karine Hoffman is a Polish born American marketing executive. She was one of the original associate of both the Apple Computer Macintosh team and the NeXT team.
Joanna Hoffman
Joanna Hoffman
The lady has a background in anthropology, physics, and linguistics, a Bachelor of Technology in Humanities and Research from MIT, and attacked a doctorate (which the lady did not complete) in archaeology at the College or university of Chicago at the Oriental Institute.

Early Life
Hoffman was born on July 27, 1955, the daughter of film director Jerzy Hoffman and his Armenian former spouse Marlene. She lived with her mother in the Armenian SSR until 10, when she gone to live with her father in Warsaw, Poland. Around age 12 in 1967, her mother wedded an American and transferred to Buffalo, New York; she got her visa and soon joined them in the US. Hoffman quickly became progressive in English and did in school.

Hoffman was on a leave from the University of Chicago when she was encouraged by her friends to go to a speech at Photocopied PARC in California. Whilst there, she had "a heated discussion following the speech" with Jef Raskin. The discussion focused on "what computers should look like and how they need to improve people's lives. " Raskin was so impressed with Hoffman that he asked her to interview for a position at Apple.

“The truth is, I pretend to be a cynic, but I am really a dreamer who is terrified of wanting something she may never get.” 
Love means something different when all you want from someone is for them to stay.
Net Worth
Net Worth of Joanna Hoffman is $1. 3 Billion. This lady earned mainly by being original companions of the Apple Computer Macintosh team as well as the NeXT team. Moreover, This lady worked to ascertain entire Macs centred marketing team for former one and a half year of that project contributing towards research.