Shane Dawson Net Worth 2018

- April 02, 2018

Shane Dawson IS an American YouTube Celebrity who is greatly popular to be a vlogger and the part of  series 'Shane Dawson Television'.
Shane Dawson
Shane Dawson
As specified by Forbes, he's on #25 in the set of the most well-known web celebrity.

Early Life
Shane Dawson was given birth on July 19, 1988, in Long Beach, California, US. He was raised in Long Beach, California, where this individual attended Lakewood Secondary school. As a teenager, he was fat and was emotionally and physically abused by his alcoholic father, who eventually abandoned his family. He has two other older brothers, Jerid and Jacob Yaw. The brothers had a close friendship, and helped Dawson during these times. Also, his family was poor. This individual first became considering making videos when he would turn in videos as school projects together with his friends in high school.

Shane Dawson started his profession as a YouTuber in the year of 2007 when he was at his high school and was very addicted of posting Videos. Later, his YouTube channel started getting Glamour which increased his subscribers to a respectable peak value.

Currently, this individual has over 7,000,000 subscribers on his Twitter channel which led him to be named the 25th most famous web celebrity by Forbes in 2010.

“To me, YouTube isn't just, 'Watch my videos!' It's, 'Let's have a conversation and get involved in each other's lives.' I want to make [my fans] feel like they have a reason to have a YouTube account because they can comment and have a voice.” 
“Even if I get into television and movies, I'm never going to quit YouTube because of the bond I have with my viewers.”
Net Worth
A lot of Shane Dawson's videos have grown to be extremely popular, appealing to vast amounts of views. He has flipped that success into a reliable blast of income, amounting to around a million US dollars per year.
His other resources of income are his songs, music videos, films and Television shows. With all of this, we calculated Shane Dawson net worth in 2018 at roughly $4 million.