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- May 20, 2018
 Jay Z is an American Rapper and Businessman. Jay Z real name is Shawn Corey Carter and he was born on December 4, 1969. Jay Z is one the most talented and amazing seller of all the time, who sold almost more than 100 million records and received 21 Grammy awards for the music. MTV channel ranked Jay Z “The greatest Musician of all the time".
Jay-Z Net Worth 2018
The most hit Jay Z song albums are Rolling Stone, Reasonable Doubts, The Blue Print, The Black Album among all the 500 hits of Jay Z. Jay Z got the negative fame as well when the sex tape between he and Kim was leaked. He had a secret relationship with Kim Kardashian. Jay Z is also known as the second richest hip-hop rapper of America.
Jay Z achieved many records in his life. Jay Z holds the record for the most number on hit albums for a solo artist in 2014. In 2009, he was ranked in the tenth most successful artist of all the times, ranked as the 5th number after Eminem, Nelly, and 50 cents. Jay Z received a lot of awards where ever he goes. He received many awards from Russia while attending a reality show.
 Jay Z has received awards from Israel, China, India, and many other countries for his contribution to the Music industry. Jay Z has a lot of followers on a social website and he took advantage of it by opening up the brands linked to Jay Z name. Jay Z owns the club known as 40/40 club sports bar and clothing brand Roca wear.
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 He has a name linked with the former president of Def Jam Recording and co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records which produced many hits and famous rappers of all the times including Kanye West. Not only is that, Jay Z the founder of Entertainment Company known as Rock Nation. If we talk about sports nation, then Jay Z never ever compromised on it because of his interest. Jay Z introduced Roc Sports Nation which is certified by the NBA and MLB sports agent.
Jay Z Net Worth
Jay Z net worth is the most asked question about him on the searched engines. I've collected an immense amount of details about his net worth. What I get to know about his money collection is that Jay Z has a net worth of $810 million dollars. The source of income is business and rapping career. 
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