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- May 21, 2018
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Kevyn James Aucoin was an American, well known, Makeup Artist, photographer, and author. Kevyn was born on May 14, 1962.
Kevyn Aucoin was basically born in Shreveport, Louisiana, Brought in Lafayette, Louisiana. Kevyn Aucoin’s parents Isidore Adrian Aucoin and Thelma Suzanne Melancon adopted him as an infant through Catholic Charities of Alexandria Louisiana. Kevyn Aucoin had three siblings, named, Carla, Kim, and Keith. Kevyn’s siblings were adopted as well.
Kevyn Aucoin Net Worth 2018
Kevyn Aucoin showed interest in makeup from the very time when he was a child and frequently used to do his sisters' makeup and photographed the results with a Polaroid camera— that’s something Kevyn would do throughout his entire career. Kevyn Aucoin was always afraid to buy makeup So, He would shoplift it. It was the guilt of stealing and fear of getting caught that actually made him stop.
Kevyn Aucoin was a gay and he realized it at an early age of 6, Kevyn was frequently bullied at school. Kevyn Aucoin’s parents could not accept the fact at first and they were initially in denial of their son's emerging sexual orientation. But Later on, his mother said, "I didn't think Kevyn was a sissy; I just thought he was a gentle child.”  According to the sources, in one instance in Kevyn's Life, a teacher spanked his bare buttocks in class, which Aucoin later took that seriously and regarded it as sexual abuse. The bullying remain continued the high school, Kevyn Aucoin was dropped out after being chased by several of his classmates in a truck. Kevyn Aucoin didn’t let these incidents to have low self-esteem and he enrolled in a beauty school and had hoped to learn more about applying makeup, but, fortunately, Kevyn ended up teaching the class instead.
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Kevyn Aucoin, At the age of 18, started to work in a small corner of an exclusive women's store in Lafayette. But the women of that area, specifically, were uncomfortable with a man doing their makeup. Thelma Aucoin recalled, "It was $30 for a makeup lesson, and these were women who paid $3,000 for a dress, but they'd never let him.”
In the year 1982, Kevyn Aucoin moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, totally in a hope, to start a career as a makeup artist. While Kevyn was in Baton Rouge, He was assaulted by a security guard at a local department store. Kevyn was there with male friends to check out new makeup, when the guard of the store approached them, and asked them, "upstairs or downtown," meaning they could be taken to the store's security office or be arrested. Kevyn Aucoin and his friends opted to go to the security office, where they were all beaten up by the security personnel. Fearing for his life, Kevyn Aucoin decided to move to the new place, and he opted for New York City with his then-boyfriend Jed Root (who sometimes posed as his manager) to begin his career.
In September 2001, Kevyn Aucoin was diagnosed with a rare kind of disease, a pituitary tumor. Kevyn had been suffering from acromegaly, which resulted from the tumor for much of his life, but it had gone undiagnosed.
Kevyn Aucoin started to take increasing amounts of prescription and non-prescription painkillers so that he could get rid of physical and mental suffering. Antunes implored Kevyn Aucoin to get help, and while Aucoin was trying to get recovered, he could not stop the drug use entirely.  Meanwhile, Antunes went to Paris for a week to spend some time alone, and in that time Kevyn Aucoin became so much ill that He was hospitalized. Antunes' leaving Aucoin for whatever the reason, became the last week of kavyn’s life, and it all created animosity between Aucoin's family and Antunes, that actually resulted in Antunes being locked out of the home he used to share with Aucoin in their times.
Throughout his entire career, Kevyn Aucoin made up some of the world's most famous women, be it, from the original Supermodels to Elizabeth Taylor, his work graced countless catwalks and became the most popular among makeup industry, billboards, and covers. Kevyn Aucoin had a different view of the makeup, that is, a firm believer in enhancing natural radiance with sheer textures & neutral shades, this became a central theme to Kevyn Aucoin’s comprehensive range of lightweight; skin-friendly that is most attracted by the females, products that beautify your skin without obvious artifice.
Kevyn Aucoin Net Worth
According to the authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Kevyn Aucoin, who is a popular fashion industry face, has a net worth as high as $200,000, through his successful career in the makeup industry.
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