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- May 21, 2018
Kobe Bryant net worth is the most asked question from search engines about Kobe Bean Bryant because everybody knows that he’s earning at such insane rates. Well, we thought we must work on your request so that you get to know more about your loved one. We will take a start about Kobe Bryant from the introduction and life struggling part, and then we will move to the net worth part. So, here you go!
Kobe Bryant is a former American professional Basket Ball player. He was born on August 23, 1978, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. If you ever want to talk or give an example of loyalty, then feel free to take Kobe Bryant name because he played for almost 20 years with Los Angeles Lakers of NBA. His career history starts and ends at 1996-2016.
Kobe Bryant Net Worth 2018
Kobe Bryant interest in the basketball was created by his father (Joe Bryant) was a former Basketball player as well. He started playing basketball at his school level, and because of his interest, skills and rapid moves made him the best school level basketball player around America. He enjoyed his school and college level basketball successful career.
After hearing too much about Kobe Bryant, NBA finally awarded him with the draft of a team named as Los Angeles Lakers which I mentioned before as well. When he started his career with NBA, he was famous for his long jumps, high-flyer, and fans favorite. His position for the playing team was shooting the guard and (8, 23) were the numbers he used to wear for his teams.
 After getting a lot of fame and respect from the NBA world, few people tried to accuse him. Once Kobe Bryant was accused of a sexual assault in his hometown, but latterly the court discharged the case because of lack of evidence. Kobe Bryant said that people would try to degrade you and disrespect you because they can’t see you growing up and well. 
Kobe Bryant invested a lot in different business and working on them after getting retired from the Basket Ball career. Not only that, he started doing rapping as the rapping is the mainstream thing in American nowadays. I guess we now must go to Kobe Bryant net worth. So here you go.
Kobe Bryant net worth
Kobe Bryant is one of the richest former basketball players in the world. The net worth of Kobe Bryant is $380 Million Dollars, and he was approximately charged $25 million dollars per year from Los Angeles Lakers. 

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