Alexis Skyy Net Worth 2018 - Biography, Salary & Income

- June 12, 2018

Early Life of Alexis Skyy

From Dominican and Jamaican descent, Alexis Skyy McFarland who was born in July 14, 1992 grew up in Amityville, New York. Her father was absent from her life for a large part of her childhood and was thus raised by her grandmother and mother alongside her brothers. She finally met her biological father at the age of 18. Alexis, in June 2016, later opened The Bella Sky Spa in Atlanta, Georgia, being a former dancer and model herself. She later joined the cast of Lover & Hip Hop along with Teairra Mari, Keyshia Cole and Hollywood co-star Ray J.
Alexis Skyy Net Worth 2018

Personal Life of Alexis Skyy

She is also known for her relationship with Fetty Wap which lasted 2 years. In April 2016, their relationship ended and a sex tape featuring them was leaked in January 2017. On Coctober 14, 2017, she announced that she was pregnant with the unborn daughter of Wap and she welcomed her 3 month before her due date on January 4, 2018.

Career of Alexis Skyy

Although she said she was a dancer, there are many reports that claimed that Skyy was a legitimate stripper before moving to New York City. As from now, her career has already taken better directions, she owns an online shopping destination known as Possi & Co. She is even reportedly used to have her own luxury spa in GA. On multiple occasions, Skyy said that she has transitioned from being a vixen to a business woman.
It is fair to say that Skyy is an accomplished model and dancer. After becoming an entrepreneur and opening her spa (which subsequently closed), Skyy then ventured into the entertainment world as mentioned above which was by joining the cast of the reality TV series, Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.

Alexis Skyy Net worth

As from now, we can say that Alexis Skyy McFarland is successful as a women both publicly and privately and living a life that she has earned. From starting as a stripper, to her roller coaster relationship with Fetty Wap, then venturing into the world of entertainment in Hollywood. As of now, she is an entrepreneur and model which is going pretty good in that part of her life. Along with the life she led, her net worth rose relatively to that and her net worth currently stands at approximately $1.5 Million dollars and making about $500,000 per year and rising.