David Feherty Net Worth 2018 - Biography, Salary & Income

- June 08, 2018
David Feherty has had a good time as a golfer in both European and PGA Tour before joining CBS Sports and the Golf Channel as a journalist and broadcaster. He’s present net worth is valued at $3million he spends his time with wife and children in Dallas.
David Feherty Net Worth 2018
Early and Personal Life
David William Feherty David William Feherty was born on 13th of August 1958 in Bangor, Northern Ireland. He spent a major part of his life in Golf with strides in European Tour and PGA tour before delving into his newfound love – journalism. Having played alongside other greats like Tiger Woods, he has won various accolades to his name.
David got married to Caroline Feherty a South African beauty queen and model with whom he had 2 sons. In 1995 the marriage ended; after which he married the present wife Anita Feherty. In 2010, he became an American citizen and spends his time investing in ideas that will develop the average American and the rest of the world.
Feherty is very popular among the American citizens; he is highly loved and respected by many. As an active socialite, he has thousands of followers on twitter. Books and posts made by David are widely appreciated and appeals to majority of the populace. His huge followership in social media portrays the extent of his successful career.
Career and Achievements
David Feherty started playing professional golf in 1976 with 10 professional wins added during his career. Having won the European tour 5 times he has written 4 books which has been ranked among the best sellers. His books are ‘somewhere in Ireland a Village is missing an Idiot’, ‘A Nasty Bit of Rough’, ‘David Feherty’s Totally Subjective History of the Rider Cup’, and ‘An Idiot for All Seasons’.
In 1997 Feherty resigned from golf to join CBS Sports as an in-house reporter. As a major supporter of Golf Magazine, he has a dedicated section where he writes a column called sidespin at the back.
Feherty works as a co-reporter on EA sports’ famous program with Jim Nantz. As an expert broadcaster, he makes routine visits to games radio station in Dallas.
He is the maker of the TV Series ‘Feherty’, appearing in 15 TV series personally.
In August 2015, Feherty ended his time with CBS after his final series – The Barclays. In the following month, reports surfaced that he will be working full-time with NBC Sports and Golf Channel in 2016. 
He has featured in various TV ads such as ‘Cobra Golf Equipment’ and ‘Crowne Plaza’. He has received numerous commendations from people of all walks of life for his outstanding career in Golf and in TV Broadcasting.
Net Worth of David Feherty
David Feherty has gained so much wealth from his career as a former golfer and also as a broadcaster. With an estimated worth of $3 million; it is believed that he has the chance of having this figure doubled in a short while.