Jamie Davis net worth 2018- Biography, Salary, & Income

- June 10, 2018
Jamie Davis is the mastermind behind the successful American motor towing company! Jamie Davis’s company helps the people who are in distress due to the ineffectiveness of their vehicle. His company offers 24 hours service to make the vehicles run successfully on the road. After starring in a reality TV show, showcasing his regular activities, he has become very much popular. Do you want to know about Jamie Davis net worth, age, family background, and career?  Let’s find out more about this bald-headed American!
Jamie Davis net worth 2018

The early life of Jamie Davis

Jamie Davis was born in America on April 18. He spent his childhood days in Hope, Canada. Since childhood, Jamie was interested in cars and their operational functionalities. As he grew up, his interest in cars started to increase.  Later on, he started his own unique towing company and named it as Jamie Davis Motor Truck & Auto towing company. Now, you will be amazed by knowing Jamie Davis net worth!

About Jamie’s towing company

His company basically provides an emergency service to the people in need. Whenever someone is locked inside the car or need a flatbed service, that person directly asks help from his company. Jamie’s towing company offers a variety of services including efficient emergency recovery, traffic control, scene management & mitigation, towing, and transport. When Jamie started the famous TV show named “Highway Thru Hell”, he became a small celebrity! With the success of his towing company, he is a well-known face to many!

The net worth of Jamie Davis

As Jamie’s towing business offers great services with perfection, he is a successful businessman with the net worth of almost $3 million. Shocked to hear Jamie Davis net worth? Yes! You heard it right! His annual salary is $400 Thousand .