Jason Eric Nash Net Worth 2018 - Biography, Salary & Income

- June 12, 2018

Early Life And Career

Jason Eric Nash was born on May 23, 1973, in Boston, Massachusetts. He went to College at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. After, he moved to New York and was Norm Macdonald’s assistant on Saturday Night Live. 2001 was the time when Nash finally moved to Hollywood since he got hired at MTV as a writer. Nash decided to become a cast on the Random Play sketch show for VH1 – that’s how it all started. As Nash says in one of his interviews since he has moved to LA his life consists of selling scripts, doing stand up and writing.
Jason Eric Nash Net Worth 2018
However, he was never interested in writing, and he preferred to perform.  Nash tried to sell his TV shows, but those did not work out for him either. Finally, he realized that he had to take a more frustrating path to his dream career – Nash was taking parts in different shows and building his resume step by step, even if sometimes he didn’t think that something he was acting in was funny or exciting.  After 2008, he decided to leave TV industry and focus on a smaller screen. 

Jason Nash as a Web-Star

We can say that Jason Nash is a quite lucky person since in 2006 MTV decided to develop digital entertainment company as well. For Nash, who had worked at MTV, Atom.com was the best solution. He sold MTV his first original web series called Shaman. The Shaman was a show about a person who thinks he is Jim Morrison and moves to LA, trying to heal the world and pay the rent at the same time. It became a  great deal for Nash since he got paid to create all components of the show as well as pay himself with the remainder.  He decided to include his favors in the show and called sketch teammates – Mike Blieden from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Show as a director, also Mat Price who acted in Men of a Certain Age as a co-star of Nash’s new show. 

Jason Nash’s Life Projects

Over two million people were following Nash, and he had built himself on Vines we can say. As a member of sketch troupe “Price, Nash and Blieden”, he developed shows for Fox and NBC, and the troupe was chosen to act at the Aspen Comedy Festival for three times.  
After that, Nash directed his own Comedy Central web series based on his script, called “Jason Nash is Married”. It was a one-person show based on his old work- “In the Land of Tall Buildings and Red Fire Engines.” After Nash’s hard work, in 2014 a film version of his show was released. Jason Nash did not end up there; he created new web series called “How to Be a Man and the Shaman” and a road trip comedy films “FML” in 2016, with Vine star Brandon Calvillo.
Nash is a co-creator of “Guys with Feelings”, that was released in 2006. He has written and directed shows for NBC, Oxygen, Fox, and CBS. He has acted in shows such as “House”, “The Simpsons”, and “Drake and Josh”.
Currently, Nash is a YouTube vlogger and has more than 1.1 million subscribers on his channel. He is a co-star of “Views” which is a weekly podcast. 

Jason Nash Net Worth

45-year-old famous American Writer, Comedian, Director, and YouTube personality has a net worth of $1m.