Jess Hilarious Net Worth 2018 - Biography, Salary & Income

- June 12, 2018
Comedian Jessica Moore somehow manages to make her audience laugh, as well as gives them some reasons to gossip about her. What else could we try to expect from someone who just changed the real name to Hilarious … Recently, Jess created a massive number of debates all around the digital world, after revealing a nude photo-shoot, where she’s with her son, Ashton. So what’s the next viral thing society will come across Hilarious?
Jess Hilarious Net Worth 2018

Early Career of Jess Hilarious

She started her comedy in skits and managed to capture the love of thousands of people with her intelligent humor in a couple of weeks. Soon after she became famous at that stage, she tried out stand-up comedy. Jess first became known after appearing in “Wild N Out” which is a reality TV show that has been featuring on MTV channel for ten whole seasons. However, “Wild N Out” is not the only show that Jess has featured in, as she has also taken part in likes of “VH1, BET, etc. After featuring in stand-up comedies, Jess has stormed the stage. With her funny attitude, she never fails to entertain everyone uniquely and creatively. Nowadays, Jess is trying even harder to improve her resume, as she hopes to feature on a “bigger screen” one day. In 2018, she won a “Clapback” social award and became the first one among celebrities ever to be given that title. 

A Viral Photo Shoot

The 2.4m-followers Instagram account of Jess Hilarious did become hilarious as well when in February the American comedian posted a nude photo, where she featured with her son. However, it was not the only case when she managed to help the press create huge headlines. Jess had a massive argument with Azealia Banks in October of 2017 after posting a diss video about Azealia’s low price ticket selling. This case also reveals that Jess’ comedy is smart and when she has to joke about something, she never pushes back.
Jess Hilarious Family Background
Comedian lives with her son, whose father is unknown, but still has been roasted by her a lot of times online. At the moment, she is in a serious relationship with her boyfriend, Chris. Despite hiding information from the media, it looks certain that the couple has a long future together ahead. Singer usually includes Ashton in videos, as she’s turned her internet project “Jess with the Mess” into a social media worldwide celebrity. She hasn’t revealed any information about her parents, family members, or education. Her Wikipedia page suggests that she is an African American, by her ethnicity and that she’s 5feet 2inches tall. 

Future Plans

Jess has already had her upcoming shows planned. She has a total of 27 events scheduled. Five of them will be taking place in June.

Net Worth of Jess Hilarious

Jess Hilarious has been living a luxury lifestyle as a celebrity. Her early career appearances as a TV comedian helped her regarding grabbing a lot of money, but in spite of that, she still hasn’t revealed any information about her net worth.