Joseph Sikora Net Worth 2018 - Biography, Salary & Income

- June 11, 2018
Who is Joseph Sikora?
Born in Chicago, Illinois and living in the Jefferson Park as well as the neighborhoods of Norwood Park, Joseph Sikora is of Polish descent. For high school, he attended Notre Dame College. He received a BA in theater at Columbia College Chicago where he also studied acting.
Joseph Sikora Net Worth 2018
Career and Life
His first TV appearance as far as it could be dated is his appearance as a child along with Michael Jordan in a McDonald's Commercial. After being cast as one of the leads on The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial, he made his Broadway debut in 2006. Sikora is also an ensemble member of Chicago's Shattered Globe Theater Company. After playing extras on a few TV shows, he finally made his acting debut in an episode of the New Adam-12. In Rudy, he was also cast as Johnny. Sikora was cast in two episode of Third Watch after he had made a few small appearances in films and TV shows like, Turks, The Watcher, Early Edition, as well as Ghost World.
It was 2003 that for the direct-to-video biographical-drama film Gacy, he was cast as Roger. Sikora was also cast in the Golden Globe-nominated Normal, after he had made a few appearance in low-budget movies, the latter which Sikora feels was his break-through moment. As well as being part of the Los Angeles Theatre production of Killer Joe and Geffen Theatre's production of Fat Pig, he also too part in the plays. Between the years 2005 and 2012, he made many TV appearances. Those appearances were all in major network shows which includes, CSI: Miami, Prison Break, Grey's Anatomy, Without a Trace, Criminal Minds, Dollhouse and Lost. Sikora was also later cast in the horror film Night Skies in 2007.
In 2010, sikora was later cast in two episodes of Law & Order titled special victims unit. In the same year, in the movie Shutter Island, Sikora was cast as an Orderly at the Mental Hospital. As well as being signed in a full role in Adult Swim's comedy horror TV series The Hear, She Holler and playing the Sheriff, he was also cast in the television pilot for Body of Proof. Sikora also signed on to appear in a Sage as the son of the head of the Russian mafia in early 2012. In September 2012, he returned to theater with The Freedom of the City.
Joseph Sikora Net Worth
Maybe one of his better accomplishment or role came in the 2012 movie Jack Reacher. In that movie he played  the role of an on the run sniper that has be accused wrongfully of killing people at random in Pittsburg, and in the movie so as to prove his innocence, he request the assistance of Jack Reacher. As all of it adds up, he get more famous and his net worth increases relatively to the latter. As of now, it can be said that he has earned his actor title and has a total net worth of $400 thousand which is subject to rise.