Michael Rainey Jr. Net Worth 2018 - Biography, Salary & Income

- June 01, 2018
Michael Rainey Jr. has an estimated net worth of $16 Million Dollars and earns passive income from his career. He was given birth on September 22, 2000, in Louisville, Kentucky, United States.
Michael Rainey Jr. Net Worth 2018
Michael commenced his career in the wonderful world of glamour as a kid actor with advertisements, both in Television and print out, creating music videos and making his first appearance on-screen with the long-running American Television series for children, "Sesame Street". He have commercials and print advertising of many famous brands like 'AT&T', 'Target' and 'Toys R Us'. His big-opportunity emerged in 2009 after he was noticed by Italian professional, film director and screenwriter Silvio Muccino and copywriter Carla Vangelista in the music training video for 'Regalo Pui Grande' thus getting him with the lead role in big screen flick 'Un altro mondo' when he was just nine years of age. This 2010 film observed him playing the key role of Charlie opposite Silvio Muccino that he had in which to stay Italy for some time. Working to prepare for his role in film, He eventually became fluent in speaking Italian.


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Cecil Gaines: No sir.
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