Seth MacFarlane Net Worth 2018 - Biography, Salary & Income

- June 08, 2018
Seth MacFarlane is a common name when it comes to filmmaking and animation creations. He is also a composer, comedian, actor, singer, director, and screenwriter. Seth is famous for creating successful TV series like the phenomenal family guy which was started in 1999 up to date. 
Seth MacFarlane Net Worth 2018
Personal Life
Seth was born on October 26, 1973, in Kent, Connecticut, the U.S. His father MacFarlane was a school instructor while his mother Ann Perry was a school admissions officer. He has one sister Rachel Ann, who helped him become a voice thespian. Seth accomplished his instruction course in 1992 and then went to cultivate for his animation and filming appetite at Rhode Island Design School. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree and later started his first film "Life of Larry." 
Although there have been rumors surrounding his sexuality, Seth confirmed that he is not a gay. He is currently not married but has been involved in several relationships. He has dated gorgeous Hollywood women like Amanda Bynes, Emilia Clarke, and Alexis Knapp.
 Seth Career, Awards, And Achievements
Seth has always been actively involved in freelance writing missions for Walt Disney Television, and Nelvana Limited thought his passé. He worked for cartoon network as a cartoon animator while he was still a content writer. In 1996, the multitalented actor also directed" jungle book"- an animated television sequence. In the same year, Seth did a sequel for "Larry and Steve "before he advanced and started his consulting firm that for translating series. During his stay at Hanna – Barbera, Seth MacFarlane had his first oblige popular known as "family guy." It was during this time that he became one of the youngest producers since he was only 24 years old. 
In 2013, he was salaried on American sitcom dads; but, the show was later annulled after its first premier. Still, in 2013, he accommodated the great 85th academy awards in his city of Los Angeles. In 2014, Seth presented prize ceremony breakthrough. Apart from producing TV shows. He has also featured in several films like Ted 2010, Ted 2016 and 2016, Sing 2016 and Logan Lucky 2017, etc. As a musician, Seth has 4 major studio albums: In Full Swing, No One Tells You, Holiday for Swing, and Music Is Better Than Words.
Awards and Achievements
Seth MacFarlane has a total of 105 secured nominations and 29 won awards. Among the awards he has won is MTV Movie Award, Critics Choice Award, 4 Prime Time Movie Awards, Hollywood Walk of Fame, and Teen Choice Awards among Others.
Seth Macfarlane Net Worth
Currently, MacFarlane has a pretty impressive $200 million net worth. Among his many animations, family guy has brought him more than $100 million and brings him some royalty upto date since it still airs. Considering the years he spent working for Hanna - Barbera, his successful multiple television shows and successful movies, his net worth testifies his persistence, hard work, and contribution in the entertainment industry. 
MacFarlane has played a significant role in transforming the animation world. As a screenwriter, he has disputed his prowess it is undoubtedly true obvious that he still has much in store for us.