ZAE ZAY Net Worth 2018 - Biography, Salary & Income

- June 14, 2018
Zay Zae is an instagram model, a software engineer, and organizer of C2C boys. He is best known for his success as a model on instagram where he uploads images of himself. He also posts mix and lifestyle contents on his page.
ZAE ZAY Net Worth 2018
He was born in the United States on July 24, 1987; and his birth sign is Leo. According to the horoscope, Leos are straight forward, possessive, and energetic – a perfect description of Zay Zae from the much that can be said about him.


Zay Zae was born and raised in Washington DC, where he completed his education and went ahead to pursue his career as a model and a software engineer.


The early days of Zay Zae could be traced back to when he first started posting to instagram in September 2012. At the time, his contents were more about work out techniques for body building. He showed his progress from the workouts and helped a lot of other people who are seeking to build their body in the same manner.
His posts were helpful to many people and he naturally gained followers and popularity with time. After a while, he expanded his posts. In addition to his workout routine and progression, he also began to develop more lifestyle contents like vlogs featuring his traveling escapades.


So far, since his career took off in 2012, Zay Zae has been an inspiration to a lot of people across the globe in the area of body building. He has amassed up to 70 thousand followers and still counting. He still uploads contents to his page, and still works as a model.
As one of the organizers of Coast2Coast boys (C2C), he’s involved in networking like minded young men to form a stronghold of support. Every now and then, Zay Zae helps to organize upscale events, amazing get aways, and community involvement. They have a presence in many cities in the United States, including Washington DC where Zay Zae lives.


Zay Zae’s net worth is not well known to the media. However, he sure earns enough, which has kept him in the media spotlight since he started off on instagram as a model. According to unauthenticated resources, ZAE ZAY has a net worth of 0.8 Million Dollars.


Not much has been disclosed to the media about his family and friends. He also does not have any active account on Facebook that goes by the name Zay Zae.

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