Zie Naval Net Worth 2018 - Biography, Salary & Income

- June 14, 2018
Zie naval is an instagram model that rose to fame after he went through a bitter patch in life. This experience taught him a lesson that helped him transform from what he use to be – a really lanky teenager –  to an amazing hulky instagram model who took the instagram by storm.
Zie Naval was born in the Philippines on April 26, 1996, and his birth sign is Taurus. He graduated from the University of Makati, where he lives. His escapade as a freelance model on instagram has fetched him great popularity and a job at Next models in Philippines.
Zie naval Net Worth 2018


He started his career as an instagram model after his heart was broken, and decided to hit the gym as a way of getting over it. At first, it was just like letting out steam; then it became a habit that got him transformed from a really lean structured teenager to an athletic structured model. When the results started showing at first, he became encouraged to continue, and now it is his lifestyle and career.
In addition to his instagram profile, Zie Naval also runs a youtube channel known as Zie style. At the time of writing this, Zie style has about 2000 subscribers, which may not really amount to much in terms of income; but it gives a pretty good idea what Zie life is like. His youtube contents comprises of challenge clips, vlogs, and style videos.
His challenge videos are usually fun videos about trying to accomplish daring feats. The most popular of them all was the “the spicy noodle challenge featuring Josh”. His followers loved it, and it is the second highest viewed of all of his uploads. He also uploads videos of him working out, his coach, and his workout routine.
His vlogs are pretty much a brief rundown of the most interesting things that happens in his life. It could be about his interactions with people, his routine in the gym, and any other event that is of interest.
He has uploaded lifestyle videos about his car, closet, fashion, and beauty items. Like was mentioned earlier, his youtube channel has less than two thousand subscribers, and about thirty thousand views.


Since he started his career as a freelance instagram model in 2012, Zei Naval has achieved popularity as an instagram star. He is a member of people who are 22 years old, and has worked with various brands and companies.
Being an instagram star, he has also helped a lot of his followers, inspiring them to get through hard times, and to build their body structure. He preaches the value of self worth, and the need for persistence in every worthwhile endeavor in life.


Zie Naval estimated net worth is currently under review, but it is obvious that he makes some cool money from sponsorship deals and modeling work as well. Just like his net worth, not much is known about his properties, childhood, family, or other relatives.