A-Town Net Worth 2018 - Biography, Salary & Income

- July 13, 2018
A-Town is a rapper and is popularly known as  the Instagram Star. He was born in Philadelphia which is situated in Pennsylvania on 5th june 1993. His full name is Allen Sherrod but gets famous on Instagram and gets its name as the Instagram Star. He is currently 25 years old and is famous of what he calls his birdcall. He is friend with famous and high profile celebrity like Snoop Dogg and meek mill. A-Town comes in the top percentile when it comes to net worth among the Instagram Stars. To know the net worth of A-town keep reading.
A-Town Net Worth 2018

Earlier life of A-Town

Before getting famous his manager “Snacks” work with him to accumulate and grow its Instagram follower. He also created a YouTube channel in 2014 but he gets famous on Instagram. At once his Instagram account has over 1 million followers but it was disabled and according to his mother it done by his manager “snacks”. His mother told the media that once A-town told his manager that he does not want to continue with him and as revenge his manager sold his Instagram account. He launched it his Instagram account after some time and in no time he gets 20,000 followers. Now a days he making paid appearances on the stage for clubs and colleges and at present he has more than 1 million followers.


In 2015 philly charter school apologizes publically for allowing profane internet sensation  A-town to perform for kids. According to the school they did not know about the activities of A-town as most of the A-town videos on internet are sexual acts.
One of the reasons for his downfall is video that he shares on internet in which he was seen doing dirty laundry with his mother, this video gets a lot of negative remarks and his downfall started from there.
Once he was famous he has more 1 million followers but his relation with his manager ended up on a negative note as the manager disabled his account and according to his mother he sold it.

Career of A-Town

In his internet videos he usually play casual games like water balloon fights with his brother and sometimes hanging with A-lists Rick Ross, Chris Brown, Snoop Dogg and more. More often he updates his videos on YouTube. A-town is also a well-known video gamer too. He loves watching cartoons in free time according to his interviews. He is kind and humble towards his fans. Currently he is residing in Texas California. He loves entertaining people. Initially A town grew his fan following from YouTube only later he created his Instagram profile which gained popularity in a short period of time. 
When he’s not making people laugh, A Town has also been in the music studio. According to reps in his camp, he, Philly rapper Young Relle along with Snacks are working with DJ Mustard and other folks in the hip hop industry on a big project. A native Philadelphian, he’s rocking with the hometown Philadelphia Eagles. A-town is also very loyal to his team and treats his co members like his own family. A town is one of those celebrities who rose to fame with his own talent and hard work he struggled up the ladder of success and reached where he is today. 

Net worth of A-Town

The net worth of A-town today is $3 million. Though he has to start from scratch but he definitely wins his followers hearts.