Alfredo Rios Net Worth 2018 - Biography, Salary & Income

- July 13, 2018
Alfredo Rios is a Mexican singer and lyrics writer and is famously known by its nick name EL komander. He is famous but controversial too for his songs which is purely dedicated to the lives and deaths of his countrymen’s  drug lords. His first solo hits comes in 2009 when he released EL Katch which was followed by many other hits songs like Archiv privado which comes in 2010 and in 2012 the live desde Zapopan. Go through till the end to know about the net worth of Alfredo Rios net worth in 2018.
Alfredo Rios Net Worth 2018

Early Life of Alfredo Rios

Alfredo Rios was bornon January 02, 1983 in Culiacan state of Mexico which is known for drugs trafficking. He gets its training in Mexican traditional style of cancion, Mexican banda etc. Though his debut album was released in 2006 by the name EN-Vivo desde badiragato but he gets his fame from the 2009 hit EL Katch. 


Real name – Alfredo Rios
Popular name – world music singer
Birth date – Jan 2, 1983
Birth place – Culiacan(Mexico)
Current age – 35 years old
Zodiac sign - Capricorn

Musical career of Alfredo Rios

He started his career as author of a song dedicated to the life of  drug traffickers which was sung by El chapo de Sinaloa.  After his hits in 2009, 2010’s Archiv privado and in 2012 the live desde Zapopan he goes on to establish himself as a public icon especially to the younger generation.
His concerts breaks records for the number of audience which attended the concert in united states and Mexico. In 2015 his detras del miedo song which become on the list of most requested songs for more than 20 weeks on the trot in united states of America and Mexico. It was produced by the adolfo nad omar Valenzuela brothers.

Awards and nominations

In 2015 he gets nominated in the category of regional Mexican song of the year for his work I’m from Rancho, then for the male artist of the year at the same year and for hunter he was nominated in the album of the year regional Mexican award. He get nominated twice in 2015 and 2017 for the youth awards for his work what’s wrong with it and the gallero respectively. 
Alfredo Rios on stage pours expensive whisky into a fan’s mouth and sings his song grenade launchers. Though he has gained many fans across border in united states of America he has always been in the center of the controversy for his songs which are related to the drugs mafia in the Mexico. He has also appeared on “Narco cultura” a documentary in USA which is related to the cross border interests with Mexico’s drug fashion. He was also banned from performing in the region beset by a surge in violence, there are are talks that he Was one of the promoter in the violence that occurred.

Net worth of Alfredo Rios

Alfredo Rios Net Worth in 2018 is $4 million. With his latest songs like “100 gunshots to the armor”, “the executioner” and “new mafia” etc. have been a record hit but he was fined for $7700 just last year.