Angry Joe Net Worth 2018 - Salary, Wealth, Assets, Biography

- July 09, 2018
In the recent years, YouTube has been a great source of learning, entertainment and training module for various types of ventures. Angry Joe happens to be one of the most popular You Tubers of the recent times with his reviews of videos and penchant for gaming. This article talks about the life of Angry Joe and mentions his net worth in the present year.
Angry Joe Net Worth 2018

Early Life of Angry Joe

Angry Joe also known as Joe Vargas which happens to be his real name, was born in Austin Texas. His personal life was shaped by his inclination towards the world of media over the web. Angry Joe was born in the year 1984 on 18th June. His zodiac sign happens to be Gemini that makes him an ill-tempered individual in the eyes of his followers. 
 He is of Puerto Rica origin and happens to be involved in a number of unhealthy relationships with a few women. It was discovered that he was initially involved in a relationship with a Mexican woman after he ditched her on social media, blaming her for his life’s difficulties. He then entered into a relationship with Purrluna who was years younger to him. 

Angry Joe’s Career

Angry Joe uploaded his first video in the year 2008 and began his gaming reviews with which is now known as Afterward, he decided to start his own channel on YouTube that was solely dedicated to review popular games like Skyrim and Devil May Cry. He gives a rating out of 10 to all the PC games that he reviews and chooses his ratings based on a number of factors. A gradual process of comic, gaming and media blogs he was termed as being attracted to PC gaming. 
Angry Joe releases the best and worst games for a particular year on one of his shows named Top 10s. Unfortunately, because of his personal issues, he quit from the show Top Reasons Why that dealt with the explanations about a game being good or bad. If you are trying to decide whether to purchase a modern PC game just go through his reviews and you’ll have a clear idea on whether to spend the bucks. 
Angry Joe happens to be a film reviewer as well when he rates films based on the acting, presentation, and story. The happy part, however, is that he seldom gives a rating of 1 to films and games alike unless the presentation is faulty and misleading. His career bounds him to the world of films and games as he progresses in life towards a greater fortune.

Net Worth and Achievements of Angry Joe

Angry Joe is supposed to have a net worth of $1 million dollars with his earnings crossing more than 700 dollars per year. His total revenue that amounts to 260000 dollars a year eases his lifestyle. He uploads different videos several times in a week and receives over 3 lakhs views per day.