Anthony Fantano Net Worth 2018 - Biography, Salary & Income

- July 13, 2018
Anthony Fantano is basically a music critic who also produced videos. He gets famous from its music video blog the needle drop and he famously called himself “the internet's busiest music nerd”. On his website and YouTube channel he gives reviews to all the music genres which include metal, experimental, rock etc. if you are looking for the net worth of Anthony Fantano then you are at the right place, just keep on reading.
Anthony Fantano Net Worth 2018

Early life of Anthony Fantano

Anthony Fantano grew up in Wolcott and right from its teenage period he wants to be a cartoonist and he was also a big fan of “The Simpsons”. In his interview he said that he even enjoys the cartoon today in the likes of Adventure Time, Bob’s Burgers, and Regular Show.

Career of Anthony Fantano

He started his career as a music director of a radio station in southern Connecticut state university college. He always has interest in music but once he get into the filed he develop more taste and ended up becoming and music critics. In 2007 he started to work at Connecticut public radio, while working there he created “The Needle Drop”. The same day he created the text version of “The Needle Drop” and 2 year later he started video reviews in 2009, at that he was also working in the restaurant but in 2011 he decided to quit the entire part time job and focus only on the Needle Drop. In 2009 when he started the YouTube channel that time it was just an experiment but after it get popular among his audience he started focusing full time on it. He has more than 550 thousands active subscriber in total. He has more than 100 million views on YouTube. He uses several skits in his reviews which make his reviews interactive and funny. 

Personal Life of Anthony Fantano

As far as personal life of Anthony Fantano is concerned he is currently single but there are rumors that he was married to one of his friend but their did not last long enough. Before that he has no serious relationships which any other person. Moreover he is vegan for quite a long time and he is enjoying this phase of life. He is of French Canadian and Sicilian far as dating is concerned he does not have any girlfriend in the past. Because there aren’t many females present in his life lately there are rumors that he might be gay or bi-sexual but as of now there is no solid information about it. According to a close friend of Anthony Fantano he has never been married before and neither he has any children, according to that friend Anthony has never meet the right type of girl till now and when he will meet he will definitely make efforts to get to the next phase of relation.

Awards and Achievements 

In this short working career he has achieved a lot. In 2011 his YouTube channel becomes the winner of “the Beyond the Blog award” held at MTV O Music Awards. At the very same year the “The Needle Drop” featured in one of the article in The Guardian and also about the rise of music vlogging. One of his achievement comes in 2011 when he was interviewed at  SXSW about the rise of music vlogging.

Net worth of Anthony Fantano

The net worth of Anthony Fantano is $173000 in 2018. He has been popular among the YouTube audience for his animated and scripted video reviews.