Arin Hanson Net Worth 2018 - Biography, Salary & Income

- July 07, 2018
Arin Hanson, (31) was born January 6, 1987.  Otherwise known by his YouTubealter-egoEGORAPTOR, Hanson is famous for his online animation.  He is most known for his YouTube Let’s Play series called Game Grumps, however, Hanson has been a successful animator for quite some time.
Arin Hanson Net Worth 2018

Arin Hanson Early Life

Arin was born in Florida to parents Maurette and Lloyd Hanson.  His dad is a musician and his mom ownsa therapy ranch in his hometown.  Much to his parents’ chagrin, Arin was kicked out high school and decided to move to Los Angeles, California to give his voice-over career a shot.  In 2006, Hanson created an internet series called “Awesome” in which he posted parodies of the popular video games “Metal Gear Solid” and “Pokemon.”
MTV took notice of Hanson’s “Awesome” series and offered him his own animated series on their network.  Realizing that he had reached a certain level of success with his animation, Hanson instead decided to try his hand at video game voice-overs instead.

Arin Hanson Career

At first, Arin did not experience much success.  His first video game voice-over was for “Marvel: Ultimate Alliance” as the voice for character Bruce Bannon.  The designers ultimately did not use his voice at all in the videogame. 
Arin Hanson did, however, go on to lend his voice to dozens of video games.  You can hear him as the voice of Officer Spike in the popular game “Target Acquired.”   He has also appeared as characters in several other video games including, “Ninja Gaiden” and “Final Fantasy.”
Hanson also is voice of the character Gardner on the hit Fox TV show “ADHD.”  Other shows Arin has done voice work for are “Rick and Morty” and “Cyanide and Happiness.”
Showing his quirky side, Arin has collaborated with “Ninja Sex Party”, fellow online comedy gurus.  Some of their songs (it is not really fair to call them hits) are features in his Game Grumps series and animated videos. 
Today, Hanson is one of the leading voices on Cartoon Network for which he has earned up to $1 million.  He features as several characters on “Mighty Magiswords”, such as FibbyCroax and Delivery Man Steve.  Additionally, his YouTube series (which he co-owns) is rumored to be worth up to $2.5 million.
Most recently, Hanson moved his Game Grumps to Los Angeles where he performed at Hollywood Improv in 2016.
Hoping to land this creative millionaire?  Not likely.  Arin is married to Suzy Berhow, fellow YouTube personality and model.  They do not yet have any children as they are both still dedicated to their exciting careers. 

Arin Hanson Net Worth

Real Name – Arin Hanson

Birth Date – January 6, 1987

Nationality - American

Net Worth – $1 million

Wife – Suzy Berhow

Source of Income – YouTube animator/Voice Over

Ethnicity - White