Bill Perkins Net Worth 2018 - Salary, Wealth, Assets, Biography

- July 09, 2018
Bill Perkins, the owner of the company Small Ventures USA was born in New Jersey and became the manager of Skylar Capital later in his lifetime. His personal life and career have always been a source of great inspiration as he has succeeded to collect a huge fortune.
Bill Perkins Net Worth 2018

Early Life of Bill Perkins

Bill Perkins graduated in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Iowa and since then has been a philanthropist to his revered institution. He donated a part of his earnings for the construction of William O. Perkins 111 athletic center. His employment career started when he worked under John D. Arnold who traded oil. Later he became the director of Northern Star Natural Gas and Cutuco Energy Central America. His bright luck in poker further accentuated his worth and revenue as he started to produce films to give his personal life a different dimension. 

Career and Achievements of Bill Perkins

Perkins went on to become the founder of Small Ventures USA after he received a huge profit of more than a million dollars from Goldman Sachs. His trade with Goldman Sachs turned out to be worthy and it was soon that he made his way into the world of films. 
In the year 2009, he got involved with the film After Life where he was the main producer. He then went on to produce the film Unthinkable as he received huge praise for his film production capabilities. In the year 2011, he produced Cat Run that turned out to be a blockbuster. 
Poker was another cause of his fortune as he gathered more than 2500000 USD from the game alone. His urge to earn more engulfed him into poker, as he became a regular visitor of Poker Night on Wall Street and Poker Stars Big Game. By the time he had delved into poker he has already collected a huge fame and fortune from his followers. 
Under all the fame and success lies a dark past that is always hidden behind the brighter world. Bill Perkins once had to work as a limo driver early in life. In need of more earnings, he worked as a clerk during the day and took up the driving job after he completed his duties as a clerk. This job somehow moved him as a person and he became addicted towards money making. 

Bill Perkins’ Net Worth

Perkins has a net worth of $50 million dollars. A considerable part of his earnings come from his involvement with poker and the rest is collected from his participation in company affairs. His winning of $1965163 US dollars gave a huge boost to his financial belongings. He won the prize in One Drop at a tournament of poker called World Series of Poker. His life proved to be an inspiration to many as he overcame life’s difficulties to become of the most influential men on the planet. He receives great love for his versatility and humbleness.