Bob Ross Net Worth 2018 - Salary, Wealth, Assets, Biography

- July 09, 2018

Ross was one of the most famous TV personalities. He was also a skilled painter and we will examine his net worth as it appears in 2018.

Bob Ross Net Worth 2018

Bob Ross’s Childhood

Born in 1942, on 29th October, his original name was Robert Ross, Norman being his middle name. American born in Florida. His mother was named Ollie Ross and she had a job as a waitress while his father Jack worked as a carpenter. As a child, Bob helped his father, but he had an accident that caused him to lose the index finger. However, that didn’t stop him from becoming a painter. When he was in grade 9 he left the school so that he can help his father. In his free time, he cared for injured reptiles and animals.
Bob Ross is a late renowned painter who was also popular as a TV personality. Now let’s have a close look at Bob Ross’s net worth in 2018.
His first wife was named Lynda and they had two children, however, they got separated. His second wife was Jane, but she died in 1993 because of cancer. They have a son, Steven, who inherited his father’s talent for painting.
Bob died in 1995, on the 4th of July, in Florida, USA.
Bob Ross’s Rich Career, Accomplishments, and Prizes

He served in the air force as a technician for medical records. But that job made him unhappy. On a trip to Alaska, he was mesmerized by the natural beauty of the place. That is when he learned a few simple painting techniques. When he was free, he made paintings and he used painting styles from the 16th century. He started to earn some small amounts of money by selling those paintings. Within a short time, he became famous. In 1981, he retired from the Air Force after serving twenty years there. From 1983 to 1994, he was a host for ‘Joy of Painting Altogether’, a famous TV show. The audience loved him. In 1987, he got invited to give lessons in painting at the Grand Ole Opry, in Nashville. Also, the Joan Rivers show wanted him to join them. In 1994 he gave painting lessons at Phil Donahue’s show.
Another show, which was hosted by Kathie Gifford and Regis Philbin had his as a guest in 1992.

Bob Ross Net Worth

His net worth was $6 million, due to his paintings being very expensive. Being a host of his own show also helped him to gain additional profits.
Being a guest at other famous shows wasn’t bad either and he shared painting lessons with the audiences. Got paid for that too.
He was a very good painter and a performer who could connect with his audience, becoming famous quickly. His style is memorable and easily recognizable. Being a classic painter, he was a fresh air in the sea of modern painting styles. He left a big and rich legacy and people still remember his name.