Brendan Schaub Net Worth 2018 - Biography, Salary & Income

- July 07, 2018
Brendan Schaub is a famous American former football athlete, who is currently working as an actor, humorist and broadcaster. He is also recognized as the co – host of the programme ‘The Fighter and The Kid’ that is podcasted weekly. He also participated in ‘The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights’ on Spike TV and he was the runner – up. His services as a martial artist are incredible but he is no more in the profession of martial arts.
Brendan Schaub Net Worth 2018

Early Years of Brendan Schaub

Usually, people love to know about the early life of celebrities. So here is the detailed description of Schaub’s early years. He was born in Aurora, Colorado on March 18, 1983.He visited Overland High School. His hobbies were lacrosse and football. Later, he moved to Whittier College, during his college days, he took part in 26 games and also participated in the Arena Football League for the Utah Blaze. After completing his college, he started rehearsing jiu – jitsu and he received a brown belt in Brazilian martial arts. He was also practicing boxing at that time.

Personal Life of Brendan Schaub

As far as, his personal life is concerned, he got married to an actress named Joanna Zanella .He has a son named Tiger Pax Schaub.

Brendan Schaub’s Career

After leaving football, Brendan focused on his boxing career and won the title of Golden Gloves. He has given a tough competition to other contestants of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ and qualified for the final round. In 2015, he got retired from martial arts and during his career; he fought with many renowned names. Next, he plunged into media industry with Bryan Callen.In 2016; he delivered his first stand – up comedy. He is the mind behind digital sketch comedy series with the name of ‘The Fighter and the kid 3D’ in 2016.He has given a lot to entertainment industry as an actor, commentator and comedian.
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Awards and Achievements

Awards are a big source of encouragement for celebrities. Brendan has also achieved few titles as a professional. He has been acclaimed as a one time winner of both ‘Ring Of Fire Heavyweight Championship and Knock out Of the Night’. In 2007, he also won the title of Colorado – New Mexico Golden Gloves Novice .In 2017; he was also selected for the World MMA Awards in the category of as the ‘personality of the year’ .He also got one more award that was Tequila CAZADORES Spirit Award in 2011.

Net worth of Brendan Schaub

Brendan Schaub net worth is more than $4.5 million in a year. He earned this big amount by participating in various UFC matches. Being a fighter, he had great victories against many strong players like Lavar Johnson, Mirco Cro Cop and others. He is also earning well from his acting career and he has given phenomenal performances in many podcasts and comedy shows. He is identified as one of the best podcasters in the world.He is continuously providing entertainment to all its followers. He has achieved a lot in his life but he has worked hard to sustain his position.