Carlos Mencia Net Worth 2018 - Biography, Salary & Income

- July 08, 2018
The famous comedian, actor and writer and the host of the comedy central show "mind of menica", born on the 22nd of October 1967 in san pedro sula, hundoras, he is the seventeen to eighteen children,  and started his life as a standup comedian in los angelus.
Carlos Mencia Net Worth 2018

Early life of Carlos Mencia

Ned arnel menica previously known as Ned holness and currently known as Carlos menica grew up in east Los Angeles, California. Went to Garfield high school and after attended California state university majoring in electrical engineering but didn't finish to go after his dream of being a comedian after a successful night of performance at an open mic night at the laugh factory.
He got married to the love of his life Amy menica and together they gave birth to luca Pablo menica 

Menica's career

Menica changed his name to carlos on the advice of comedy store's owner Mitzi Shore, to get the appliance of Mexican audience.
Menica nailed a chance to appear as a guest in "in living colors" in 1990, then was offered to host "loco slam" on HBO, and has hosted various shows like "Uncensored Comedy: That’s Not Funny" , "funny is funny!", and "Latino Laugh Festival" . also had his show "mind of menica" from 2005 to 2008 which became the second best central comedy after "south park"
Menica's comedy was mostly political, he handled topics like criminal justice, social class, and culture and race.
He also lent his voice in "the proud family", and appeared in various films and TV shows such as "The Shield", "Outta Time","29 Palms", "Farce of the Penguins", "The Heartbreak Kid", "MADtv", and "Carlos Mencia: New Territory".
Menica also released many albums like "Take a Joke America", "America Rules", "Unmerciful", and "Spanglish"
Wall street journal on 2010 found that Menica was among the most hated stand-ups by fellow comedians and him making an inappropriate joke about hurricane Katrina did not help him at all. 

Awards & Achievements

Menica was nominated for a lot of awards like the NAMIC Vision Awards in the category of "Best Performance – Comedy", and twice for the Imagen Foundation Awards and was given the title of “International Comedy Grand Champion”, he is also a two-time nominee of the ALMA Awards for his show ‘Mind of Mencia’.

Net Worth of Carlos Mencia

Giving Manica's long and very busy career and also the fact that he is a co-owner in a chain of restaurants called "Maggie Rita’s", and the tours he made, and a few advertisements he appeared in . Carlos Manica is estimated to worth more than $20 million American dollars.
Manica is considered one of the most popular comedians around the world, he released many DVDs and hosted one of the most popular shows "mind of manica", along with a few others, and had many successful standup tours.
Manica is loved and always remembered with a smile, and as any celebrity he has his faults but that did not stop people from following and loving him.