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Christian Guzman is a young and talented American bodybuilder, model and an online fitness trainer. He is also a fitness entrepreneur and the owner of an online fitness store called christianguzman.com
He owns a famous YouTube Channel where he runs many fitness programs. He is the owner of a gym in Houston, Texas called Alphalete Gym. In addition to this, he is also the CEO of an online business store called Alphalete Athletics which provides various kinds of fitness apparels.
Read on to find out more about Christian Guzman net worth.
Christian Guzman Net Worth

The early life of Christian Guzman

Christian Guzman was born on 21st February 1993 in the city of Houston, Texas in the United States. In his early day, he was neither a sporty person nor a fan of fitness. In fact, he was a very thin boy and was teased by his friends. This made him start weightlifting and it is from here that his interest in fitness started taking shape.
He took admission in the Texas University but soon dropped the idea as he realized his passion towards fitness.

Christian Guzman Career 

His career began in the year 2012 with his YouTube channel. He put various videos relating to fitness, weightlifting and many aspects of his personal life. Soon the popularity of his videos started growing and the number of subscribers kept on increasing. 
In view of his growing popularity, he started an online fitness apparel store which sold all types of high quality and affordable fitness clothes. His store also gained popularity and became a hit.
Today, Guzman is a well known and successful bodybuilder. He is a well-known face on YouTube as well. He regularly keeps uploading videos on his channel. Recently, he has started an online fitness training program on YouTube where he makes his viewers aware of various exercises and diet plans to make the body fit and to stay healthy. His main aim is to ensure that his viewers get a disease free and a perfect body.
His ever rising popularity is evident by the fact that he has more than 850 thousand subscribers on youtube and above 1 million followers on Instagram.

Awards & Achievements

As of now, Christian has not won any awards. Still, he has achieved a lot as far his career is concerned. He did what he liked and has come a far way with his own efforts.

Christian Guzman net worth

The estimated Christian Guzman net worth is about $2.5 million. 
The increasing popularity and number of subscribers on his YouTube Channel have earned him a lot. In addition to his channel, his online apparel store and his online fitness coaching are also doing quite well. He also has a gym through which he is earning quite a lot. All these factors have contributed to the rise of Christian Guzman net worth.
Christian Guzman is an efficient entrepreneur and knows how to make things work by himself. His success is a result of his own efforts and he deserves every bit of the fame and success that he is receiving.

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