Dyrus - Marcus Hill - Net Worth 2018 - Biography, Salary & Income

- July 07, 2018
Dyrus is a former American professional player of “League of Legends” which is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game. He is among the most successful gamers in the world and is very famous among the gaming nerds. Let’s take a close look on the net worth of Dyrus.
Dyrus Net Worth 2018

Early Life Of Dyrus

The real name of Daryus is Marcus Hill. He was born to Sandy Hill and Mark Hill, in Honolulu, Hawaii on 30th March 1992. His father is Irish, German and Scott descent whereas his mother was Chinese. His father owned a plumbing business.
Dyrus always had a comfortable lifestyle. He was always a gaming nerd was not good at studies. He was always pressurized to study and choose a proper career by his parents. He father wanted him to join the family business. 
He always had a craze for games and when he discovered online gaming it got increased. He never liked to play out door games; however he was good at online gaming and made a fortune out of it. 
During his high school, he had a few friends. He was a classic gaming nerd. He was not popular and always hung out of his group. 
He met Emiru who is an American gamer and is primarily known for “League of Legends” streaming on Twitch. They met at one of the gaming tournament and since then have been dating. He has made his relationship official by announcing it on the social media sites.

Career of Dyrus

After he graduated from his high school his father hired him as a plumber. But when he got to know that Dyrus wanted to be a professional “League of Legends” player, he fired him. He has been a player of “League of Legends” since its beta phase and has acquired No. 1 spot in it. His career started as a support for one of the first competitive teams in “League of Legends” professional scene, “All or Nothing”.
Dyrus joined “Epik Gamer” as their top gamer after the dismissal of “All or Nothing”. As he got much the required exposure he started streaming on Twitch. “Epik Gamer” got success at ‘LAN tournaments’ because of his unique style of playing and interesting personality. Later he moved to New York and joined “Team SoloMid (TSM)” in order to pursue his career as a full time gamer while playing for “Epik Gamer”.
After the resignation of TheRainMan from TSM, Dyrus presented himself as the replacement of RainMan and resigned from “Epik Gamer. He has been playing as the top laner for “Team SoloMid”.

Awards and Achievements

Dyrus and “TSM” have won a number of titles in “League of Legends”. The winner of the “Intel Extreme Masters Season IX Katowice Worlds Final” was “Team SoloMid”. During last tournament of his gaming career, “TSM” was placed in a Group of Death. The Team came fourth in place in its group and was unable to show further progress. Dyrus retired after “TSM” faced their last game against “LGD” at the tournament. He was given a standing ovation from his “TSM” contributors.

Dyrus Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Dyrus is approximately $1 million. The main source of his income is his earnings by winning a large number of online gaming tournaments.