Eddie Huang Net Worth 2018 - Biography, Salary & Income

- July 08, 2018
Eddie Huang is one of those few privileged individuals who hold the ultimate quality of finding success in every endeavor of life. He has succeeded to be a successful writer, chef, food personality, restaurateur and even an attorney with a great degree of success. He is best known for being the proud owner of the Baozi restaurant located in the East Village of Manhattan. With his ultimate qualities, he easily gained a huge fan following since a very nascent age.
Eddie Huang Net Worth 2018
Eddie however, started his career as a lawyer as a Sumer intern in Corporate Law working with Chadbourne & Parke from 2006 -2007 but, soon he started appearing for stand-up comedy shows. He has also worked as a clothing designer that led to his outstanding asset company called Hoodman clothing. With the restaurant business in his genes, he opened his first restaurant in 2009 by the name of BaoHaus, which later was followed by another named Xiao Ye. The Baozi restaurant has been his biggest fame and respect builder across the entire cooking community, along with earning him pretty well sustained revenue. He has also been famous for authoring his blog named “Fresh Off the Boat” which later was adapted for an ABC TV show. He has hosted the “Cheap Bites” on Cooking Channel on television. In 2014, Huang also started anchoring for the show “Snack Off”, an MTV culinary competition.

Eddie’s Early Life

Eddie Huang spent most of his childhood tenure in Florida with his father who executed a seafood and steak restaurant chain in there. Born on March 1st, 1982 to his Taiwanese parents- Jessica and Louis in Washington DC, he holds the American nationality and citizenship however, he remains to be of the Asian-American ethnicity. It was through his parents he has learnt and retained the core values of the family and developed his true love for the art-oriented act of cooking. He is known to be one of those handsome guys with perfect attributes of 5 feet 10 inches height and well-made-up body.  Eddie has been a little rebellious during his adolescence as he was into hip-hop and even got arrested for indulging into fights. 

Awards &Achievements

Eddie Huang has been named in the chow 13 list of influential people in food due to amazing achievements and attained endeavors in the restaurant business. During his university curriculum at Rollins, he also won the Barbara Lawrence Alfond English Award and the Zora Neale Hurston Award.

Eddie Huang’s Net Worth

Eddie Huang is an extremely talented human being and holds a cool net worth of $2.5 Million. His net worth however, stems out of his culinary accomplishments along with the online blog writing. With his outstanding attributes, he is definitely going to emerge as the most money making individual in the coming years. Eddie is a remarkable entrepreneur with diverse professional interests in different domains of life which could turn him into money making machine, very soon. Even though, his controversial points on the Black race and their place in the world have directly affected his income line and the other associated revenue streams. Still he remains to hold an estimated of $2.5 million dollars worth. He has succeeded to receive these amalgamated sums of net worth with his sheer dedication and inborn skills of being an incredibly talented personality.
Eddie Huang is a role model American who remains to be the motivator for all those who aspire to be a chef, a restaurateur, an entrepreneur and even a writer. Even though, he owns a few rough edges in his character, still he remains to be a good person who believes to be a hard worker and follows his dreams.