Emily Fernandez Net Worth 2018 - Salary, Wealth, Assets, Biography

- July 09, 2018
Emily Fernandez being an American TV character. She owns a net worth of $300,000. She is famous for performing, in reality, TV series Little Women: Atlanta and Little Women: Dallas.
Emily Fernandez Net Worth 2018

Childhood of Emily Fernandez

Emily Fernandez was born on 30 June 1992 with the special form of dwarfism. She was born in Pennsylvania, USA and while she was a baby, her real parents presented her for adoption. As it is said that the true shock to a person, in particular, positions can be explained only by the souls who went within that specific or at least related position, a dwarf couple adopted her. 
Emily was greeted kindly in her brand-new family, but sadly, her adoptive mom passed away when she was sixteen.  

Dating history and children

Fernandez has a rich dating story; she was in a connection with Lionel Johnson. 
 Emily Fernandez got a girl called Eva, about who is her father is not identified. Unlike her mum, Eva is not a gnome. Following the birth of Eva, Emily fell in love with a man who, at that time, was remembered concise by his TV career and more by his criminal records. His name is Lontel Jahnar Johnson, and he has been sentenced in many criminal cases, like that of robbery and bodily attack. After being in a connection for 3 years, Emily and Lontel gave a boy in April 2016. His name was Lontel JJ Johnson Jr. and much like his mama, he also was born as a dwarf.
Emily Fernandez got a boy and a girl. She lost a son who died when he was three months. 
Because of this accident, she moved to Dallas. There, she joined the cast of Little Women: Dallas. Before being a famous woman, she accomplished as a club exciter.  

Career of Emily Fernandez

Emily started her career in the amusement business from the Little Women: Atlanta performed as a club dancer beside her best friend Bri Barlup. Later, she forward with Barlup starred in rapper Lil Chuckee's music video for his song, "Da Wop."  
Subsequent, Barlup and Fernandez performed as "Left cheek," and went as "Right cheek" sequentially at shows and performed mutually as the "The Cheeks." Fernandez went back to Dallas in 2016 to be with family and joined the staff of Little Women: Dallas.

Emily Fernandez Net Worth 

Emily and her reliable friend Bri had a YouTube channel named, "OFFICIALLCRC." In 2017, they published three singles titled, "Popping Bottles," "Getting Rich," and "HD." In August 2017, the music video for "Popping Bottles" was published on their YouTube channel. After two months, the video gained more than 12 million views. Her total net worth is expected to be around $300000.
 In respect of mind- blowing reality show character, Emily Fernandez reached loads of success in her career. She got an immense follower following because of her exceptional appearance in a Little Women excellence reality shows.   In 2018, Emily Fernandez owns a net worth of approximately $300,000. Her important source of on gaining is her performance career in an American famous TV show.