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Zachary Lewis, also known as Futuristic, is a rapper and a Hip pop artist from the United States of America. Futuristic is a renowned artist with several albums to his name –his latest album is called “What More Could You Ask for?” and it was released last year (2017). At the moment, he currently stays in the Temple, Arizona. Keep reading to get exciting details on Futuristic’s net worth in 2018.
Futuristic Net Worth 2018

Early Life of Futuristic

Futuristic was born in Illinois, USA, on June 2, 1991. He had just 7 siblings and lived with his mother after his parents got a divorce. Futuristic moved with his siblings and mother to the Temple in Arizona, where he schooled at the McClintock High School.
Due to depression, Futuristic switched to music and had a major hit with his first album, “Dream big.” From there on, Futuristic started building his career through the means of good marketing strategies. He started uploading videos on his official Facebook page and on YouTube for his fans. In one of his uploads online, Futuristic stated that he sold his house after his “back to you” tour and was left with just $3000 for the tour. Although, through continuous persistence and patience, Futuristic came to limelight. There is no information about his relationship or love life.

Career of Futuristic

Futuristic’s love for music started during his childhood. He started rapping as a child and during his high-school days. He released his first album - “Dream big” in 2012 and that made him achieve fame. The album featured renowned Hip-hop artists such as Devvon Terell, Castro, etc. 
Futuristic's second album was “Chasing the dream.” It was released in 2013; artists like, Collins, Kaliq, Devvon Terell, Willy Northpole, Miny, KYLE, SK4MC, Swizz, Jarren Benton, Dizzy Wright, and Mr. Kahalyl were featured in the album. Futuristic further released an album called “Traveling Local.”
Futuristic gained big fame with his 2015 album “The Rise,” which was released on 12th of May 2015. The album also featured top artists like D-Pryde, Castro, Devvon Terrell, and Samson. The album - “The Rise” was placed at No.139 of the Billboard 200 chart. “The Greatest” music video in the album had more than 20 million views on YouTube and “No Way” music video also had more than 10 million views on YouTube. All-in-all, Futuristic recorded much success with his 2015 album.
Moving forward, Futuristic’s “Coasts 2 coasts” featuring Devon Terrell was placed at No. 82 of the Billboard chart and it was released on December 25, 2015. This album not only ranked No. 82 on the Billboard charts but it also placed 12th on Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums.
Futuristic’s 2017/2018 songs include “What More You Ask For,” and also “More to do”

The Net Worth of Futuristic

The net worth of Futuristic is $500,000. He made his fame and fortune through tours and concerts. Additionally, his recent releases, “What More You Ask For,” and “More to do” have sold more copies.
As a prolific singer, songwriter, and a rapper, he has achieved so much fame and fortune. His fame is increasing every day due to his recent releases.`

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