Gabby Douglas Net Worth 2018 - Biography, Salary & Income

- July 16, 2018
Gabby Douglas was approved as the first woman who had been victorious in taking part in the Gymnastics event. In 2015 she acquired silver medal at the World Championships and was also participating in the Final Five at Summer Olympics 2016. She is in fact the first Afro-American who won a gold medal in both, team and individual, all-around competitions at the same Olympics event. Now let's have an inside look at her profile & how much is Gabby Douglas' net worth in 2018.
Gabby Douglas Net Worth 2018

Gabby Douglas Early Life

Born in Virginia Beach, Virginia on December 31, 1995, to Timothy and Natalie Douglas, Gabby Douglas has began practicing gymnast training at her early ages, six years old to be precise. As we know that younger ages are suitable time for a child to start learning any kind of sport. From her three siblings, her elder sister is the one that assured their mother that Gabby should get appropriate training.
At the age of eight, Gabby won the State Championships, and later at the age of fourteen she moved to Des Moines to obtain full-time training from Liang Chow.
Being a religious woman, Gabby believes that God has given her the talent and she feel fortunate to be the chosen one. She has a faith to use that God given talent constructively to praise The Lord's name. As she believes that her secret to success is hard work and her loyalty towards God.

Gabby Douglas Career

At a very young age, at the age of eight, Gabby already earned reputation and wealth. After being trained by Liang Chow, she won multiple titles and second or third positions in many gymnastic events. The decision to go further ahead and take advanced training was an expedient step for Gabby.
She is making her parents proud through her talent and success in the events and taking a part of the prestigious US Women's Gymnastics Team. In 2015, the team won a gold medal at the Glasgow World Championships, and Gabby has won as an individual as well. She has also arised in her own reality TV series, "Douglas Family Gold".

Awards & Achievements

As a matter of fact, Gabby Douglas is the first ever Afro-American girl, who won a gold medal in the individual and team rounds in the Olympic events. If you remember World Championships 2011, seems like Gabby has bring fortune to everyone of her team in achieving the gold medal winning team.
In 2012, she was named as "The Female Athlete of the Year" by the Associated Press. In 2013, she received the BET award not just once, but two BET awards. She was even present in the Judging panel for the Beauty Pageant of Miss America in 2017.

Net Worth of Gabby Douglas

Gabby Douglas has earned wealthy finance through her glorious career as a gymnast and has an estimated net worth of $3.5 million.
When we were kids, we'd spend our times playing with our parents at home or in the park. But not Gabby Douglas. She'd spent her childhood times by taking advanced training for gymnastics, while devoting towards her career, and finally being a successful person and earning for a living. Without no doubt, Gabby has reached a new level through her devotion and hard work.
Gabby is surely praising God's name with her talents and tremendous career. And that young lady always stays motivated, so why can't we?