Hodge Twins Net Worth 2018 - Biography, Salary & Income

- July 19, 2018
Here come the well-known twins Hodgetwin (Hodge Twins) - Kevin N. Hodge and Keith W. Hodge - get their videos up and running on YouTube channel, their prime source to make big money. These proud fitness enthusiasts are multi-talented Americans.
So here we share a succinct article shedding light on the net worth in 2018, career and earnings of these famous YouTubers.
Hodge Twins Net Worth 2018

Hodge Twins Early Life

Kevin N. Hodge and Keith W. Hodge, known as Hodge twins are entrepreneurs by profession. Wait a minute! There is more coming your way. Other than being businesspersons, they also happen to be YouTubers, Fitness Experts, and Stand-Up Comedians. Both of them take an active part when it comes to managing their fitness and entertainment brand. They are fond of consuming 120-140 grams of proteins each day. Kevin was born on June 12, 1960, and his twin brother Keith was born on September 17, 1975, in Martinsville, Virginia.
In the year 2000 on 31st May to be precise, Keith merged with Elizabeth in a holy matrimony.  They are proud parents of three children. Truth be told, Kevin too tied in a nuptial knot around at that time and is a proud father of four children. Weighing 206 pounds, Kevin prefers to keep away when it comes to revealing a thing or two about his personal life. That’s the reason why we don’t have the name of this significant other. Their mother left for heavenly abode on September 16, 2013.

Hodge Twins Career

Well, both of them devote their valuable time to different industries immensely. Not only have they been enrolled in Marine Corps, they worked as potential security guards portraying the role effectively to catch hold of burglars. Moreover, they were a part of an insurance company where they worked with all heart. In their leisure time, they used to make videos. One fine day, they called it a quit and chose to become full-time YouTubers.
It was a moment of great pride for the twins when they uploaded their first video on YouTube on December 25, 2008. To begin with, the video was based on comedy involving argument, then the awesome duo began giving their views on current events followed by throwing light on each general topic. That was not all! They offered consultation on relationships. When their channel (supposedly the first) gained popularity, the Hodge twins began uploading videos on their new channel, ‘Twin Muscle Workout’. Currently, they’re doing comedy across the globe. They are the certified trainers of the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA). By 2014, they already have won millions of hearts in every nook and corner of the world.

Awards & Achievements

The awesome twins have created a plethora of channels which gained immense popularity leading to their ultimate success around the world. Although they have not won any accolade as of yet their massive fan following will give you an idea about their fame. All it takes is just one video or photo on social media platforms to outdo hundreds of thousands of comments or view per day. They have reached the level of popularity with their YouTube channel. The credit goes to their fitness and muscles.

Net Worth of Hodge Twins

The estimated net worth of Hodge brothers is around $5.5 million. They make money by uploading 6 to 7 videos every single day, and that’s the reason why their fan following is increasing day by day. Advertisements on the YouTube channel and comedy shows have made them earn a huge amount of money.
Extensively known for their information as well as entertainment videos, they have made it to the top of fitness industry leaving no stone unturned. So, you must follow these fitness experts if you like to stay fit and healthy. As on September 8, 2017, they have more than a million subscribers and fetched over 400 million views. That’s quite an impressive figure, isn’t it?