Jack Van Impe Net Worth 2018 - Biography, Salary & Income

- July 16, 2018
Jack Van Impe is a popular televangelist from the United States of America. He is known for his most popular series named “Jack Van Impe presents”. This weekly series is basically an eschatological note on news from the Bible’s point of view. This post shades light on Jack Van Impe’s life and his current net worth in 2018.

Early life of Jack Van Impe

His roots go back to Belgium from where his parents Oscar Alphonse Van Impe and Marie Louise migrated to America. They migrated to the town of Troy situated in the state of Michigan in 1929. Jack Van Impe witnessed his first sun on this planet in the year of 1931 at Freeport.
He was the only offspring of his parents as his father was a strong believer of the Bible and served as a missionary. This is also the reason behind his growth as an evangelist.He went to the high school in 1948 and got his diploma degree from Detroit Bible Institute in 1952. He started his career as the evangelist after that. He is also known for preaching and recording career.

Jack Van Impe Honors, Accomplishments, and Career

He started off his professional journey with an initial album known as ‘Presenting the Van Impes’. This album presented him bigger opportunities and stage. Right from 1952, after completion of his education, he launched many Gospel and also spoken speech type recordings. Later he got himself associated with accorgan, which is a kind of electronic accordion. Jack Van Impe is basically a non-profit organization. The main office is situated in Rochester Hills, Michigan. The center is famous by the name of Jack Van Impe Ministries World Outreach Center. 
Rexella, his wife is co-host of the television program.  She starts the show with the newest news headlines. This is followed by Jack Van Impe memorizing verses of Bibles. In this process he explains what the Bible says about such situations, he makes people understand the meaning of verses. He preaches people and shows the meaning of these new headlines from bibles point of view.
In 2011 one incident happened, Trinity Network declined the broadcasting of one episode because of its content. The network also censured some of the parts of his shows because they felt it was not appropriate. In the reply, he stopped working with Trinity Broadcasting Network. 
His views on religion and politics are based upon what said in the Revelation 13. According to his opinion, Islam and Christianity should merge to form “Chrislam”. His faith believes that this union of two largest religions will give a single religious (the False Prophet) and political (the Beast) leader to the whole world but there will be a lot of friction before the leader comes to power.

Jack Van Impe’s Net Worth

He has gained a lot of fortune as the televangelist. Jack Van Impe has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million US dollars in 2018 and his non-profit organization has assets of around $12 million US dollars. His salary is $100,000 USD per annum and all these numbers show their strong funding base within society. His wife owns a majestic bungalow in Michigan which is approximately valued $414,500 USD in 2010. He is the only televangelist in the states to gain such a huge sum of property and popularity via a single TV series.
He had been facing severe knee pain before undergoing a knee replacement operation. He has been fit and working after the operation. He has gained a pen name “Walking Bible” because of his wide knowledge of the Bible and memorization of verses.