Joe Jo Net Worth 2018 - Biography, Salary & Income

- July 19, 2018
Joe Jo, originally named Joseph Masato Jitsukawa, is a co-founder, actor, writer, and director for the immensely popular Just Kidding Films team - a YouTube channel that talks about social, contemporary, and cultural issues with a humorous touch. Joe is, in actuality, a YouTuber with over 469,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel that features life vlogs, cooking videos, and rants. In fact, he has uploaded over 600 videos on his channel.
Joe Jo Net Worth 2018
All the videos on his channel are so inspiring that every single video gets an average of minimum 50,000 views approximately. In the year 2009, he joined YouTube and created an account on one of the world’s highly preferred video-sharing websites. His channel called Joe Jitsukawa has bagged around 74,492,775 views until now and counting. Well, he has been making big money via his YouTube account. Being a co-founder of JustKiddingFilms, Joe got hooked engaged in a relationship with Jessica Caldwell - the producer of JustKiddingFilms. 
In this article, we will talk about Joe Jo’s net worth in 2018, the career as well as earnings.

Joe Jo’s Early Life

Born in California on April 13, 1985, with Asian lineage, Joe has lived all over the world, including Korea, Australia, China, Michigan, Texas, Japan, Thailand, and Taiwan. Joe earned a degree in psychology at the Cal State Los Angeles. It was during his university time when he along with his friend Kwan created the YouTube channel “JustKiddingFilms”. Other devoting his valuable time to the channel, Joe was an avid traveler. Not only did he visit new places, he also gave a touch of discovery to unexplored ones. Thus, Joe has traveled across the globe. Other than taking care of his YouTube channel, he makes amusing vines.

Joe Jo’s Career

He gave a kick-start to his career with a YouTube channel which he created with his friend while studying at the university. He takes immense pride in owning a YouTube channel that gas created sensation around the world with plenty of subscribers. In fact, his fans all over were expressing their curiosity to know about the woman he is currently dating. And that’s exactly the reason why he came up with a video called “This My Life: Meet My Girlfriend”. This video gave Joe an overwhelming response as it brought loads of likes and comments. It even ended up being not only the most viewed but most popular video of Joe Jo’s creation.  His creation JustKiddingFilms has an online store where anyone can buy branded merchandise accessories.

Awards & Achievements

Even though Joe has not been felicitated with any awards until now but he surely has achieved a lot in his life. He thinks about the welfare of the society and has run numerous successful campaigns. Adding to it, he has earned over 460,000 subscribers and once he reaches the 1 million subscribers milestone, he will be honored with the YouTube’s golden button right away. 

Net Worth of Joe Jo

Joe Jo has an estimated net worth of $2 million in 2018 & in 2017 It was just $1 million.
Joe Jo has been making big money from YouTube and JustKiddingFilms, his major source of earnings. With more than 600 videos on his channel, he’s been getting paid via several views, likes, and comments. He expresses his joy in getting an average of 50,000 views on each video.
Joe and his friend Kwan ran into some problems when it came to gaining likes, views, and subscribers sooner or later. But after a while, as they took a step forward and began posting more videos on the channel, they got more views as well as likes. Thence, their channels earned them a massive fan following. Joe has truly been immensely successful in his career. He dedicates his mind and soul to whatever he does.