Kevin Gates Net Worth 2018 - Biography, Salary & Income

- July 07, 2018
Kevin Gates is a known rapper of American music industry. He is also an entrepreneur and singer. In 2016, he released his debut studio album called “Islah” that got so much appreciation on the media and was ranked as number 2 on the US Billboard chart. His lyrics are mainly concerned with the subject of poverty, depression and prison. Kevin is mainly recognized for his ‘Confessional Anthems’ which are a good blend of refined southern beats and autobiographical lyrics which his fans admire the most about him.
Kevin Gates Net Worth 2018

Early Life Of Kevin Gates

Kevin Jerome Gilyard who is known as Kevin Gates was born on 5th February 1986 in Louisiana. After his birth, his family moved to Baton Rouge immediately. Kevin was brought up in a confused atmosphere so this attitude affected his upbringing to some extent. He was arrested for the first time at the age of 13 in 1999 because he was joyriding as a passenger. He was briefly jailed for this action. When he was 17 years old, he was a student of Baton Rouge Community College. In 2003, Gates beat his opponent multiple times outside a theatre and in 2015, he was charged for kicking his fan while he was performing live on the stage. 
Personal Life Of Kevin Gates
He got married to his girlfriend Dreka in 2015 and has one daughter and one son.

Career of Kevin Gates

Kevin started his career in 2005, when he signed his first project with local label Dead Game Records. His career started to blossom in the mid of 2000s with his working fellows Webbie and Boosie Badazz. They released their first mix tape named Pick of Da Litter in the year 2007. A pause came in music career of Gates when Boosie and Gates both were confined in separate cases. Gates was sentenced to jail for 31 months and this period from 2008 to 2011 truly affected his music career. After release, he started to focus on his music again and this time he got some buzz with the mix tape of “Make ‘Em Believe”.
In 2013, he was marked among famous singers for releasing a mix tape called “Rolling stone”. He announced for his fans that the sequel of “Murder of Hire” would be presented on 27th May, 2016. Gates has released three songs in May 2018, this year.
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Awards & Achievements

In 2017, Gates’ debut album Islah was nominated as a Top Rap Album for the Billboard Music award. Gates was also nominated for the award of Best New Hip-Hop artist in 2017.

Kevin Gates Net Worth

Kevin Gates’ net worth is $1.5 million. His mostly wealth comes from music but he is also involved in different business dealings that add a handsome amount to his fortune. Although his career has seen many ups and downs due to his multiple arrests but his passion towards music is strong enough to mark his name in music industry. He has outranked the Billboard charts several times. This is just because of his music that attracts the attention of his fans.