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Before going into Kripparrian’s net worth, it is expedient to give a few descriptions of the Romanian-Canadian YouTuber and video game personality. 
Kripparrian, whose real name is Octavian Morosan, is 31 in 2018, he was born in 30th June 1987 in Canada.  
His height is about 6 ft 4 in. He is married to Raina. Kripparrian, also known as nl_Kripp or Kripp, is a well-known Twitch streamer and player of Diablo III, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, World of Warcraft,and Path of Exile.


Kripparrian began his career with uploading tutorialson World of Warcrafton his YouTube channel. He became very popular for his comprehensive explanatory videos on the highly anticipated Diablo IIIgame shown on his YouTube channel.
He created his YouTube account in 2009 and issued his first wonderful video that same year.He joined the Team SoloMidin year 2015.In connection with his teammate called Krippi, Kripparrianwas able to build the reputation of becoming the first to complete the Hardcore Diablo 3 video game at Inferno difficulty level just after a month of the launch of the game. Hence, making the prior twitchInferno difficulty level simpler.
Kripparrian achieved this before the Diablo IIIpatch 1.0.3, this made the video game easier. Both Kripparrianand Krippi used Hardcore characters for their achievement, and once these characters are killed in the video game, they are lost forever.
In2010, in the World of Warcraft video game, Kripparrian recorded the maximum damage per second benchmarks for the Hunter class.
Kripparrianalso streams Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft video game and was among those that contested in the 2013 BlizzCon’sInnkeeper’s Invitational Hearthstone Competition. Kripparrian attained the highest ranking in Hearthstone’s ladder system known as “Legend rank”, he attained this in August 2015.
However, Kripparrian is mostly referred to as a veteran Arena player, as he has been able to record a series of high victory irrespective of his poor cards. 
He is famous for his innovative and fun decks and determined efforts to make it to Challengestone – Hearthstone deckbuilding contest. Kripparrian's TwitchYouTube channel was listed by GamesRadar as one that every player ought to watch.
Kripparrian, together with Frodan and AmazHS, reported the 2015 BlizzCon’sHearthstone World Championship.
On the average, Kripparrian’sstreams get close to 80,000 viewers each. In January 2017, he ranked first in the first monthly Top 100 North America players in the Arena game mode leaderboard.
After attaining a Hearthstone beta key, he has perceived great spike in fame and competitive growth, approaching near to winning his first live tournament ever in the year 2013 BlizzCon Innkeeper’s Invitational as well as partaking in the impressive tournament named ESGN Fight Night as a player and also as a caster.

Summary Achievements and Awards

Kripparrian finished the Diablo III video game at the most Inferno difficulty level, though in connection with his teammate called Krippi. 
He, afterward made the Diablo III game simpler since he made the achievement before the release of Diablo III patch 1.0.3.
Kripparrian won the“Favorite Hearthstone Stream”and “Most Engaged Viewers” categories. He came second at the 2014 Blizzard Stream Awards’ “Highest Stream View Average” category.
He has also participated in a number of professional “Hearthstone” tournaments. 

Net Worth of Kripparrian

Presently, the net worth of Kripparrian is about $1.5 Million earned mostly from his successful career in video games streaming and via donations in the streaming platform service called “Twitch”. His earning power is evaluated at about $200K to $300K per year. 
In 2017, Kripparrian’snet worth was about $1 million. There is a tendency that as Kripparrian continues in his gaming and streaming career, his wealth and net worth would also continue to increase considering his talents in these fields.
In 2014, Kripparrian’snet worth was about $600,000 while in 2015, his net worth was estimated at $750,000.
Being a YouTuber and video game star is not quite easy, however, Kripparrian has risen to become one of the personalities who achieved success exceptionally. 

  • Real Name – Octavian Morosan
  • Birth Date – June 30, 1987
  • Nationality –Canadian

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