Kripparrian Net Worth 2018 - Biography, Salary & Income

- July 20, 2018
Octavian Morosan, better known to the world by his online name Kripparrian, is a Canadian video gamer and a popular streamer on Twitch. He also posts his videos on his personal YouTube channel.  Kripparrian rose to fame in the gaming world with his record breaking performances in multiple video games.  Read on to know more on the net worth of Kripparrian and other interesting information about his life and work.
Kripparrian Net Worth 2018

Kripparrian Early Life

Kripparrian was born in June 30th 1987 in a small town called Casualta in Romania. He was raised there until his parents moved to Canada when he was six.  He speaks Romanian language, but since moved to Canada at a tender age of 6, he is not as fluent as a native Romanian.  
There are a lot of arguments over online platforms such as Reddit where Kripparrian was really born in Romania or not.  Kripparrian himself has never acknowledged or rejected this new. But since he speaks the language, it is confirmed that he has Romanian roots and may have a spent his childhood there. 
He has a wife named Rania and they live with their two dogs and a cat in Toronto, Canada. Kripparrian's wife is the manager and editor of Kripparrian's channels. She is also a streamer on Twitch and runs a YouTube channel of her own.  
There is no information available about his early life, education, and parents. On his twitter account, he has claimed that he is a vegan and regularly posts about growing vegetables in his own backyard. 

Kripparrian Career

Before the popularity on Twitch and YouTube, Kripparrian was already a well-known star in the gaming arena as a World of Warcraft Player. He broke records in Diablo III and Heatherstone games as a player before starting his Heatherstone streaming. 
Kripparrian launched his streaming career on YouTube before Twitch was even launched. On YouTube, he posted tutorials on how to play World of Warcraft.  As the time passed and new games were introduced in the gaming world, he added other games in his tutorial. 
Kripparrian's career as a YouTube star grew as he started to talk about Diablo III which was one of the most anticipated games of that time. He made very detailed tutorials and gained attention from gamers around the world. 
Kripparrian is currently associated with a team named Team SoloMid which is a USA-based eSports organization. This team is famous for participating in all the League of Legends World Championships and winning the six out of ten League of Legend Championship series in North America. 

Awards and Achievements

Kripparrian was the member of first team that finished the Diablo III game at the highest difficulty level at that time; the inferno difficulty.  Moreover, in the World of Warcraft game, he has the record of highest damage per second.  As a Heatherstone player, he completed the Heatherstone Tournament at BlizzCon in 2013. He ultimately achieved the 'Legend Rank'; the highest rank in the Heatherstone game ladder system. 

Net Worth of Kripparrian

Despite being so much popular in the gaming and streaming arena, celebrities such as Riparian struggle to amass a lot wealth due to many reasons. In an interview, Riparian alleged that about 65% of his viewers used ad blockers while watching the videos which impacted his earnings greatly.  Given that a streamer with 20k odd subscribers earn up to $80/hr, we can have an idea about how much Kripparrian earns having more than a million subscribers. The approximate net worth of Kripparrian is around $1.4 Million in 2018 which includes the earnings from his streaming and also the donations from the viewers. 
Being a successful streamer is not easy; that too in a highly competitive gaming arena. But Kripparrian, through his unique way for going into the detail, not only attained success, but also is one of the most accomplished stars.