Les Brown Net Worth 2018 - Biography, Salary & Income

- July 07, 2018
Les Brown is a politician, a radio jockey, an American motivational speaker as well as a former member of Ohio House of Representatives. He is perhaps famous for his “The Les Brown Show”. Let’s have a look on the net worth of Les Brown. 

Early Life of Les Brown

Leslie Calvin Les Brown is commonly called as Les Brown. He was born on 17th of February in the year 1945 in Miami, Florida. He was a son of single mother and also had a twin brother called as Wesley. There is no record of his biological father. Their mother put them for adoption soon after their birth. They were adopted by Mamie Brown when they were just six week old. 
The twins attended their school together. Les was declared as mentally slow and unfit but his teachers when he was in grade five. He did not do his exams well and lost all the self confidence that he had. But his mother Mamie Brown took the matter in her own hands and always supported him.
His potential was recognized by Mamie Brown and one of his high school teachers. They both helped him in regaining his confidence to start studying on his own. 
He got married to a beautiful lady Gladys Maria Knight who was a singer and an actress. She was popularly known as “Empress of Soul”. Their marriage only lasted for two years and they got divorced due to their personal differences. There are nine children of Les Brown.

Career of Les Brown

Initially he joined radio stations where he worked as a sanitation worker to pursue his dream. He was very firm on his ambitions and was hard working. The qualities and skills that were required to be a radio jockey were learnt by him at the radio station and then he started working on it.
When one of the previous jockeys of the radio station came drunk, Les brown got a job as a radio jockey at the radio station. A lot of the audiences appreciated his skills and shortly he became permanent. In the search of better opportunities he moved to Ohio after servicing for many years. He started working in a radio program that had high ranking and eventually became the junction’s manager there. He was then fired from the radio junction when he got involved in many political controversies.
The new director of the station, Mike Williams encouraged Les to run for Ohio State Legislature of the 29th House District. He was appointed as the Chairman of the Human Resource Committee after successful political career of three terms. 
He then laid the foundation of youth training program and he became a motivational speaker gradually. His book “Live Your Dreams” has been the best seller at the time.
After recording a series of motivational speeches and broadcasting them on TV, Les gained the attention of a lot of people. In a very short time he started his own television show named as “The Les Brown Show”, which got cancelled after one season. He also worked at a radio station in New York for a couple of months.

Awards and Achievements

In his lifetime, the talented Les Brown has achieved a lot of honours. He has helped a lot of people through his motivational speeches. He was ranked among the “Top Five Outstanding Speakers” in the world. He has also won an award at the “National Speakers Association” and is also a winner of “Council Peer Award of Excellence”.

Les Brown’s Net Worth

The net worth of Les Brown according to estimations is approximately $10 million. He got most of his net worth from his role as a radio jockey and his television series.
Les Brown is now a famous motivational speaker in the world, a boy who once was declared as mentally unstable by his teachers. He has been an inspiration for many people who want to achieve success in their lives and his speeches have also helped in healing a lot of people. Despite the ups and downs in his life he is still standing tall.