LIRIK - Saqib Zahid - Net Worth 2018 - Biography, Salary & Income

- July 08, 2018
Saqib Zahid is a 28-year-old guy popularly known as LIRIK among his followers on the online platform known as Twitch. Twitch owned by Amazon serves the purpose of live streaming of video game. It also includes broadcasting of esports competitions. One can view content on this platform live or via video based on the user’s demand. Zahid has the largest fan following on this platform with over 2 million followers as of 2018. Having sponsored by Discord, he is one of the few clients the company pays to promote.
LIRIK - Saqib Zahid - Net Worth 2018

Early Life Of Saqib Zahid

Although born in Germany, Saqib Zahid was brought up in Boston, MA. His recent residential whereabouts are speculated to be in the city of Watertown in Massachusetts. He has faced tough days as a child with his family suffering from significant financial setbacks. With his spirit never dragging him back and his motivation also driving him forward; he aimed to recover from those situations and create a career path of his own.
He carved out his path and accomplished his unique dream of becoming a streamer. By learning from like-minded people and applying their strategies in his methods, he stayed true to his motives. Today, Zahid is one of the most popular streamers with millions of followers around the globe checking his updates.

Career of Lirik

Zahid started working on the streaming career way before the time he professionally engaged himself with Twitch. He began his journey on Twitch in the year 2011. Having initially played World of Warcraft, he later switched to play DayZ after its release. The responses he received, encouraged him to be more active and thus stream regularly. Therefore, he concentrated on streaming regularly since 2012. He was rewarded because of this consistency by garnering 20,000 to 40,000 viewers per stream. 
Lirik also has a youtube channel of his own named DateGuyLirik where he posts short videos which were popularly referred as the Twitching style of Lyrik. His videos on youtube attract a lot of views as well. 
Lirik gets associated with various gaming events. He is also known for playing RP mods and many other games, but he is best known for being in association with DayZ module. Following his expertise in this field, he was interviewed by PCGamesN on the topic of the future of streaming and their subsequent evolution.


Standing on the strong pillars of hard work, sincerity, consistency, and creativity; Lirik has carved a niche out of his passion. Lirik’s videos are promoted by various commercial brands and sponsors which add to his fortune. He has been featured with numerous sponsorships and involved with many advertising communities giving him exceptional financial stability.
Lirik earned an amount of $200,000 from subscribers in the year 2017. He is ranked 5th among the top 10 most successful streamers in the world. Some of his games are viewed on a loop which adds to his income on a humongous scale. His involvement in Twitch and video streaming alone has enabled to create a net worth of $250 thousand dollars for himself.