Mike Tornabene Net Worth 2018 - Biography, Salary & Income

- July 31, 2018
Mike Tornabene is a film star and Rock star that has turned out a celebrity and a social media figure. He was once recorded saying that comedy to him is an art and it is supposed to make people laugh. According to him, making people laugh is harder than making them cry. He is an inspiration to many and has had skillful approach in his entertainment gigs. He is also a writer and producer of artistic content. He appeared in films such as Tyler Perry’s Boo 2, Bro Science and A Madea Halloween.
Mike Tornabene Net Worth 2018

Mike Tornabene’s Early Life 

Mike’s schooling began in New Jersey whereby he joined New Jersey University after the basic schooling. Later joined the New York University Tisch School of Arts where he refined his skills. Mike started his career in senior high school. While in second grade, Mike Tornabene worked closely with Gian Hunjan. They ventured into the business and worked together to create funny scripts and acting out some sketches. While in senior year, they served in a common restaurant where they presented their comedy pieces that impressed many.
It was after joining College that the two purposed to pursue comedy. Immediately after school they engaged in odd jobs to sustain themselves. It is during this period that the due revived their artistic ambition. They started writing TV scripts and also screenplays. They used to do this through online video chat. This continued to their years in college and beyond. They posted the sketches online and despite receiving positive feedback, the viewership was still low. 

Mike Tornabene’s Net worth

Mike Tornabene is estimated to have hit a net worth of over $1 million in 2018. He has accumulated his wealth from being a key participating in social media, writing, acting and production of multimedia content. His adopted fictional character has really earned him a great deal. With his co-writer Gia they launched the DomMazzetti youtube channel where they show popular videos. The link now has over 385 000 subscribers.  One of the videos is that of Tom Mazzetti Vs Drunk Girls that attracted over 2.5 million views. One other famous video is the one where his girlfriend is dressed in workout leggings that have reached over 8 million views. 

Mike Tornabene Awards and Achievement

Having started his career as early as his senior high years, Mike has a lengthy history of art performance. The videos were not successful at first but upon persistence, other videos and content are giving him recognition in the world. 
One of his prominent concept is the idea of Dom Mazzetti that reminds him of the days he did not have a cent after completing his education. The video became a favorite of the younger generation and has promoted him to become the person he is today. Nowadays, he is famous as Dom Mazzetti. He is gradually venturing into the film industry and in the future Mike desired to bring out better art and works to the market. He is becoming a successful producer in the entertainment sector.