Milan Christopher Net Worth 2018 - Biography, Salary & Income

- July 19, 2018
Milan Christopher, sometimes called Milan Christopher Gordy, is a renowned American actor, businessman, rapper, and model. This multi-talented personality is known for his supporting roles in television reality shows, like ‘Love and Hip Hop’. Besides, he is known for his utterance against inhuman bullying of the LGBT youth titled “When I Go”.
Milan Christopher Net Worth 2018

Here’s a quick rundown of Milan Christopher’s net worth in 2018:

Milan Christopher’s Early Life

Born in Chicago, Illinois, US on the 28th day of February 1984, Milan is openly gay. He has commented that homosexuality is not a rare sight among male rappers of today than often thought out to be. It was the year 2008 when Milan traveled to Los Angeles to pursue his career. He was determined about proving himself in his own way without having to imitate anybody irrespective of what the world would think or say about it.

Milan Christopher’s Career

It was a turning point in Milan’s career when it began in 2008 collaborating with Beyonce on “Haunted”. Then he realized to part ways professionally and make his career as a solo rapper. Milan’s EDM rap single “Burning Up” was released under the Konvicts Musiq Label - owned by Akon, a well-known American singer. In the year 2016, his album “The Alpha” was released. In fact, an unbelievable music video “When I Go” was released in the same year. This video primarily emphasized on distressing social evils like bullying, domestic violence, and increased suicide rates. This video worked to his advantage as it bestowed him with a new identity. Not only that, he got more recognition and eventually became the talk of the town. Several various publications and blogs saw Milan Christopher as a source of inspiration to deal with such grave issues of the society.
As far as acting is concerned, Milan was proud to have become an inseparable part of the much popular reality show, “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” in its second season. Milan was the show’s first gay participant. The tremendous popularity of the show led Milan to appear on the cover page of the Los Angeles Times. Moreover, he was invited on the “Wendy Williams Show”. In addition, he’s been a part of TV shows like “Nip/Tuck” and “12 Corozones”. He has been endorsing some of the most popular brands including Chase Bank and Virgin Mobile. Did you know Milan has also appeared in music videos with Kanye West?
Other than all of the above, Milan Christopher is the proud owner of a company dealing with teeth whitening in Los Angeles, CA. It’s called ‘White Smile’. Moreover, he has his own line of underwear known as ‘Milan Christopher Intimate Apparel’. He models for his own brand. He aims for becoming a gay black model and an LGBT Advocate. Not only his life but achievements are versatile and in a diverse direction - whether you talk about his performance in rap and acting, his motivational quotes on his social media handles, or his nearly naked photos. Milan is actively doing all of this to keep the audiences entertained and inspire them with all heart. He has a huge fan following on Instagram and Twitter with around 1.3 million on the latter.

Awards & Achievements

The extensive works by Milan Christopher have been the most recognized work until now. Thanks to his fans and their love and blessings along with his enthusiasm to go an extra mile to do the best. He was felicitated with the “Gentlemen of Artistry Award” at the Gentlemen’s Ball for “When I Go”. Even the Senator of California, Isadore Hall III expressed gratitude to Milan through a personal letter. He was also honored with the ‘Reality Star of the Year’ award.

Net Worth of Milan Christopher

As Milan has made a large number of gains and grants, he’s recognized among the successful celebrities. His total net worth is estimated to be $2.5 million in 2018.
Milan Christopher has left no stone unturned when it came to turning his dreams into a reality. He’s also the role model for millions of people from the LGBT community. He once commented that there’s no one like him he can look up to in the showbiz industry. He likes to spend time at the gym and is proud of his physique. He has been regarded as one of the few compelling voices of the LGBT community.