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- July 09, 2018
Mo Vlogs or Mohamed Beiraghdary is a popular YouTube personality who is known to have a fetish over cars in Dubai. He was the inventor of the series MoVlogs and amassed a huge fortune through his videos and channels on YouTube and other video blogging sites. His life story is worth giving a read as it revolves around some of his achievements and milestones that he crossed in his journey to become a well-known vLogger.
Mo Vlogs - Mohamed Beiraghdary - Net Worth 2018

Mo Vlogs Early Life 

Mohamed Beiraghdary was born in a Muslim family to Nadereh Samimi and Esmail Beiraghdary. It was supposed that he was of Iranian origin because of his mother’s eloquence in the Persian language. He was followed by his sister Nana Rose who also went on to become a popular You Tuber like her brother. It was early in life, in the year 2011 that he recognized his passion towards vlogs and started with a YouTube channel called HitspecKO. Unfortunately, the channel could not attract a lot of audience because of Mo Vlog’s inexperience and amateur posts. 
Before starting with his career as a vlogger Mo went to London where he and his sister received their undergraduate degrees. However, they returned to Dubai his hometown after completion of his studies at Queens Mary University. His parents were there by his side during his education in London. 

Mo Vlogs’ Career as a vlogger

Mo started his YouTube channel Mo Vlogs in London but then after moving back to Dubai started improvising on his videos and content. It was later that he emphasized the posh lifestyle and culture of the Middle East. He now claims to be one of the youngest richest people living on the planet. Mo uploaded his first video on the 7th of December 2014 where he showed himself inside his driving car. He has since then grown into a talented individual in the world of cars and fashion. Apart from his zeal towards automation he also talks about the tidbits of fashion. 
Mo Vlogs is said to own cars that is impossible for any moderate rich person to own. His cars include a collection of Mercedes, Lambhorgini, Ferrari, and Ford. It is quite a wonder that a person of just 22 can amass such a huge fortune in so little a time. However, he also faced a few setbacks in his life when his initial YouTube channel lay dormant with just 8000 subscribers. His fate took a violent turn as he approached adulthood. 

Awards and Achievements of Mo Vlogs 

Mo Vlogs had bagged many awards for his gaming as well as videos on the costly cars which is popular over YouTube. Having more than 3 million subscribers who are youth, Mo Vlogs became most popular which is nothing less than the award. With over 100 million views on his YouTube channel, he has created a record which is the biggest achievement.

Net Worth of Mo Vlogs

It is believed that the net worth of Mo Vlogs is currently $2.5 million dollars taking into account his posh collection of cars and this figure is getting increased with time. His channel on YouTube generates $2700 per day. He has a passion for driving sports cars and broadcasts many of his cars in his videos. Apart from this, he is also known as the Influencer of the Gulf with his videos influencing plenty of young boys to start their own blogs and channels. He owns a Rolex watch as one of the most expensive of things in his wardrobe.