PS3 Vs PS4 | Comparison Chart | Graphics | Specs | Controller | Review 2018

- July 23, 2018
When facing the question, should I buy a new console?, the following doubts always arise, why should I get the newer version?, why should I pay around $60 USD for every new game release? 
The answer to those, is based on whether you think the hardware upgrades, and the new title releases are worth it. Here, we will help you clear that difference with a clear table, and we will further break down each point to understand how it affects your gaming experience.

Features PS3 PS4
Optical Unit Blu-Ray, DVD, CD Blu-Ray, DVD
RAM Memory 256MB GDDR3, dedicated to graphics specifically. 256MB XDR DRAM 8 GB GDDR5
Processing Cell 3’2 GHz processor with 1 IBM POWER core and 7 SPE cores 8-cores x86-64 AMD Jaguar
Graphics(GPU) RSX Reality Synthesizer AMD Radeon Graphics Core Next Engine
Controller Options PS3 Dualshock Sixaxis, Playstation Move and Eye PS4 Dualshock 4, Playstation 4 Eye and Move
Secondary Screen Options None PS Vita compatibility
USB USB 2.0 USB 3.0
Streaming Capabilities None Full streaming options
Bluetooth Bluetooth 2.0 Bluetooth 2.1
A/V Connections HDMI, analog, optical HDMI (supports 4K), analog, optical
Price Check Price On Amazon Check Price On Amazon
We will try to keep the technical terms at a bare minimum, while illustrating our point as best as we can, there is definitely more detail that you can look into by researching, with the help of our above table. 

Game releases/online play

PS3 Review


PS4 Review
It is fairly obvious, but still an important thing to point out, that the newest releases will be more demanding in terms of power, and only the PS4 can provide those. Which means that PS3 users won’t get many (if any) new titles. On the plus side, games that have already proven to be great, are way cheaper on the PS3.
Online play is also a factor for many, and a lot of PS3 games do not even support that kind of play, or leave the old generation players separated from the new gen, which means that there are less players there. Definitely a factor to consider.

Optical Unit

As you may have read, the optical unit on the PS4 does not read CD, contrary to the PS3, which is not a big deal, since Spotify is compatible with the device, but if you want to listen to your CD’s in a PS4, it will not be possible. 


In short, the PS4 has more than 16 times the power than the PS3, of course, the titles for the PS4 will demand more RAM, but you will notice, (aside from a superior gaming experience), that the processes of updating, retrieving data, and all sorts of basic tasks are carried out much quicker, which makes the PS4 a more seamless experience.


The processor is almost like the brain of your console, it controls how other parts control, modulate, and bring input into actual commands that have an impact on your screen. It is a very important part of a computer or gaming device, and the more powerful it is, the more seamless your menu and game experience will be. 
Again, the processor falls into the same category as the RAM, the PS4 is superior, but the PS3’s requirements are lower, but you will definitely notice an improvement in the way the PS4 carries out actions.

GPU (Graphics)
    • The PS3 had one of the greatest breakthroughs in graphics, the RSX Reality Synthesizer was truly an enormous leap from the previous generation, it allowed for AAA games like FIFA and Skyrim to show their full potential in beautiful 1080p.
    • The PS4, though, has a more potent graphic card, as had to be done, in order to process 4K. There is definitely graphic improvement, and games like Battlefield 4 will run at consistent 40-60 FPS, similar to middle-end PC counterparts, which cost a fair bit more than the PS4. 

An interesting piece of data though, is that the PS4 has no RAM directly allocated to the graphic card, which the PS3 did. This could be good, since more power can be passed on to graphic processing, especially with such a powerful workhorse (8GB of GDDR5), but other tasks (if downloading/streaming) could potentially slow down graphic processing, since they feed from the same source.


The PS3 controller was, for many a big letdown, and for others the superior option, when compared to Xbox 360. The PS4’s controller is kind of the same, in the sense that some fans swear by it, and others criticize it for being too loose on the joysticks, or too wide for some people’s hands, to the point where long periods of time create painful tension. 
Our opinion on the topic, is that a well-designed controller like the PS3 or PS4 cannot cause much issues, and if it gets to the point where you are being hurt for extended periods of gaming, you should have probably had a break before that. 
The Playstation Eye and Move are not a huge part of AAA gaming, but the PS4’s version of the Eye/Move is a small improvement, if you want to take that into account, but it seems that Sony hasn’t put much detail into that aspect.

Secondary Screen Capabilities

The PS3 had some usefulness along with the PS Vita, it was pretty impressive at the time, but we could write a whole article about what the PS Vita can do for the PS4. 
It acts as a secondary controller, and can move what you see from your monitor to its own small screen. One can have some issues when watching subtitles, but in text-heavy games, where the sizes are reasonable, the scaling is not a big issue.
If you already own a PS Vita, buying a PS4 suddenly becomes more attractive, it opens a whole new world of possibilities.
Utilizing the PS Vita with your PS4 is really simple, one just has to link them, which is fairly simple pairing process, and keep both devices connected to the same network. The connection has to be stable for these devices to seamlessly act together, and for the optimal performance, the PS4 should be connected through Ethernet. 


As we said, the PS3 supports USB 2.0, and the PS4 supports 3.0
The file transferring speed is very very different, the older 2.0 offers around 480MB/s, and the newer PS4 offers around 4.8GB/s, which is 10 times faster. We don’t think that file transferring has a big importance in the experience of a console owner, but if you ever do, you will get a much better speed with the PS4. 
What could be considered important here, is the energy leap, as the USB 2.0 transfers power at a rate of 500mA, which is still good, but the USB 3.0 nearly doubles that with 900mA, which offers a greater experience when charging devices through the USB ports. 
If you are used to charging devices, or feel like you will need the improvement of file transferring between devices, then the PS4 simply supports an overwhelmingly better version of the technology.


Streaming can be the main feature that an upcoming content creator uses to be noticed, your Playstation 4 can easily be paired with your computer to stream to Twitch, and also, you can stream directly from the console to different online channels, and there is when the Playstation Eye and a good microphone really pay off. 
Streaming is not at all possible in the Playstation 3, which is a decisive factor for someone who wants to get into that sort of thing, who knows? Maybe you’ll become the next big content creator.


There is really not much of a difference in Bluetooth 2.0 (PS3), and Bluetooth 2.1 (PS4), the only notable feature that you may be able to notice is a more secure, and way quicker pairing of devices of different brands. 2.1 Bluetooth also consumes less power than 2.0, but that won’t be much of an issue when utilizing a console, but it is still a plus for the potential paired devices if they don’t have a lot of battery life. 

A/V Connections

The main difference, and the one that we will be talking about, is the fact that the PS4 supports 4K HDMI.
Games that support 4K, look absolutely breathtaking on a large 4K TV, if you focus a lot on graphics, and own a new, big screen TV, you will be greatly impressed by the superior quality, more so, when the PS4 has such a powerful graphic card to make the resolution swap way smoother.
PS3 only gets to 1080p, which is still very good for a console that old, and can look fairly well in TVs that are not as new. 

The verdict

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The PS4 is the obvious winner if we don’t put its advantages into context, it has better everything, only lacking CD reading capabilities, which is far away from being a considerable factor.
The PS3 is still a very good console, and getting a new one or one in very good conditions could be a great investment for hours and hours of fun in the great games that the PS3 had as prominent releases, it is way cheaper, and also will the games, controllers, and pretty much anything to do with it.
If you like to play online, the PS4 will also be a clear winner, since it is the console that everyone in the Sony market is moving to, and most online games don’t support PS3, or have them as a separate ecosystem from the new generation players.
If you don’t have a very good internet connection, and just want a cheaper alternative, which could prove to be equally as fun, then going for a PS3 in the eternal “PS3 Vs PS4” debate could be the right choice.