Riot Games Net Worth 2018 - Biography, Salary & Income

- July 16, 2018
Every lover of video games should know Riot Games, this is one of the most successful developers, publishers and organizers of eSport tournaments and video games. Recently the group has also ventured in making mobile phone games. Riot Games products are widely distributed across America, Europe, Australia and Asia.
Riot Games Net Worth 2018

As the demand for eSport games and mobile video games continue to go high, Riot Games is not left behind and is investing more into the business. This year the company has been on the forefront for organizing the league of legends world championship. There is also the championship series played in North America and Europe. One of the things that attracts players and viewers to this games is the price offer at stake. In some tournaments Riot Games offer the players a price money that goes up to $2,000,000. This makes one to be interested on current Riot Games net worth.

The Birth of Riot Games

Riot Games organisation was found by two entrepreneurs Marc ‘Tryndamere’ and Brandon ‘Ryze;’ back in 2006. It can openly be agreed that what put the company in the light is the League of Legends game. However the company was later sold to a Chinese company known as Tencent Holdings Limited. Since then, they have been able to acquire Radiant entertainment which is a company known for developing video games. Some of the major investors in Riot Games include First mark capital and Benchmark capital among others. Other associations with the company is Garena who are given the responsibility in distribution of the game online. As part of their growth, Riot Games also released their league of legends on other countries like China, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, and Russia. Taiwan, Thailand, Korea, Canada, Japan, Indonesia and South Korea. 

Riot Games Achievements, including Careers and Awards

The greatest achievement of Riot Games was in October 2009 when they launched the League of Legends. This game received positive regards from gamers all around the world. The company also has 23 offices and 19 studios spread all around the world.  After they released the game, the company proudly announced that they have 32.5 million players around the world. Among them, there were 11.5 million that play monthly and daily plays consisting of 4.2 million players.  The company’s achievement also includes the number of online multiplayer game which reports a record 100 million players monthly. To do this, the game company organizes all the online game tournaments around the world. By using their games and tournaments, Riot Games is able to boost its profile on a daily basis. Currently it has 2,500 employees that are constantly involved in the game development and innovation. They also work on maintaining the player database and ensure games are improved. Speaking of games, League of legends was just a landmark. Riot Games have also developed other successful games like Mechs vs Minions, World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, and Dota 2, Blitzcrank’s Poro Roundup, Cho’gath Eats the world, Astro Teemon, Ziggs Arcade Blast, Fighters and thieves.  All these games are freely available on mobile phones and rune on Android and iOS>. To ensure players enjoy their games, Riot has in place a community that ensures good communication between them and company employees.

Riot Games Net worth

So how much is the Riot Games company worth in 2018? It is estimated that their net worth is a whopping $21.6 billion! Among the main stakeholders include Tencent Holdings with and investment of $400 million. Considering Benchmark Capital with Firstmark Capital; Riot Games acquired $7 million. The premier game League of Legends earned them $964 million, followed by Dungeon fighter online games at $981 million and World of Warcraft earned $728 million in just one year.  With their new venture on Mobile video games, the gaming company is set to continue ruling the stage since mobile video games are very popular with the young generation. They are also user friendly gaining them more popularity. The demand will always grow and so will the company’s Net worth.