Sully Sullenberger Net Worth 2018 - Biography, Salary & Income

- July 20, 2018
Sully Sullenberger, (real name Chesley Burnett Sullenberger III) is a retired captain of the American Airline who is better known to most Americans and rest of the world as the hero of flight 1549. He got famous for safely landing a Plane on January 15, 2009, on the Hudson River after it caught problems just after taking flight. There were 155 people on board and all were rescued safely after the crash landing. Keep reading the post to know about the life, work, and net worth of Sully Sullenberger.
Sully Sullenberger Net Worth 2018

Sully Sullenberger Early Life

Born to a Swiss-German immigrant family on January 23, 1951, Sully Sullenberger was always fond of planes from a very young age. According to his only sister Mary, Sullenberger got interested in flying planes after seeing military planes at the military air base near their home in Denison, Texas. He used to build plane models and plane carriers during all his childhood. 
Sullenberger was raised and schooled in Denison where he always scored good marks in every exam.  Apart from excellent grades in his academics, he was very active in extracurricular activities. He was the member of music bands, language clubs, and Church at his college. He graduated from college as one of the best students of his batch in 1969 and joined a private flying school. 
The first plane that Sully Sullenberger learned to fly at a young age of 16 was an Aeronca 7DC. Sullenberger always admires the high quality of flight training at the private airstrip where he got the first flight training. He considers that experience as the most influential one on his entire flying career. 
After joining the United States Air Force Academy, he got a bachelors degree in science and continued his education further to two Masters Degrees. One in Public Administration from the University of Northern Colorado, while other Industrial Psychology from Purdue University.

Sully Sullenberger Career

Sully Sullenberger started his flying career as a cadet glider when he was inducted in the United States Air Force Academy as a freshman in June 1969. Having prior knowledge and hands-on training with the planes, he became an instructor pilot within a year of induction, i.e. 1970. 
Upon his graduation in 1973, he received the top flyer Award for being an Outstanding Cadet in Airmanship.  Sullenberger completed his Bachelor of Science degree and was commissioned as an officer.  However, before joining the Air Force for Undergraduate Pilot Training, Sully was sent to Purdue University to a Masters Degree. 
After completing his Masters, he joined the Undergraduate Pilot Training in Columbus Airfares Base and his illustrious career as a pilot started. The most exciting event of his career occurred on January 15th, 2009, when he was the captaining the US Airways flight 1549. Just after taking off from the Airport in LaGuardia, the plane hit a large flock of Geese which turned both engines off.  Sully was quick to realize that he didn't have the time or power to land the plane in an airport so he decided to land the plane on the Hudson River.  All the passengers and staff on board were safe after the landing. 

Awards and Achievements

Sully Sullenberger was hailed as a national hero after the event and the then president of the United States; George W. Bush called on Sully and thanked him for his brave act and saving the lives of all on board. The Next President Barrack Obama also invited Sully and his family for the Presidential Inauguration Ceremony.  The awards and accolades given to Sully include the Medal of Valor from San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District, Key to the City of the New York by Bloomberg, and the Key to the Town by Danville, California among many others. 

Sully Sullenberger Net Worth

In his biography, Sully mentions that he lost 40% of his pension to the different cuts and change of legislation. Sully tried his hand in the real estate and also a flight security firm named Safety Reliability Methods, Inc.  
The net worth of Sully Sullenberger is around $ 1.5 million that includes his earnings from an illustrious 40-year career in aviation and other small businesses that he runs.