Tim Kennedy Net Worth 2018 - Biography, Salary & Income

- July 14, 2018
The American born Timothy Fred Kennedy, commonly referred to as Tim Kennedy, is a retired MMA professional and UFC fighter. He has participated in World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC), ShoMMA: Strikeforce Challengers, Strikeforce and HDNet Fights. Kennedy is also part of the Chicago Red Bears in the International Fight League.
Alongside his professional and fruitful fighting career, he also serves as a National Guard in the United States Army.
Tim Kennedy Net Worth 2018

Tim Kennedy Early Life

Tim Kennedy was born on 1st September 1979 in San Luis Obispo, California in the United States. He was the middle child in the family of three children. In the early days of his life he showed interest in boxing lessons, ju-jitsu, wrestling and shooting classes under the direction of his father. However, before that his mother made him take piano and cooking lessons too.
In 1998, Kennedy graduated from the Eagle Academy, a private high school in the area. Later in 2002, he earned a Bachelor of Arts in criminal justice from the Columbia College of Missouri.
He participated in mixed martial arts (MMA) fights while in college. Later, he joined the elite special forces in the United States Army. This did not put an end to his fighting career, as he continued participating in these fights as a Green Beret. Kennedy became a three-time winner at a stretch in the Combatives tournament held by the army as a platform to show hand-to-hand combat skills.
Kennedy got married to Ginger Kennedy and have two daughters, whose names and birthdates have not been revealed to the public. The social media profiles of the couple show that they live a happy life, travelling and enjoying relaxing environments.

Tim Kennedy Career

During his military career, he managed to cover the Airborne School, Special Forces Qualification Course, Basic Combat Training and Advanced Individual Training. He was featured as Tom Kendall in Dick Couch’s “Chosen Soldier” Green Beret selection book. 
After completing Ranger School, he became part of the Operational Detachments Alpha in the 7th Special Forces group. Kennedy won the Bronze Star Medal for valor under fire while in the Army. 
When it comes to his mixed martial arts career, he initiated in 1996 at Dokan Martial Arts School in his home town. There he had an outstanding track record of 31 wins – 1 loss. Later in 1999 he started training harder with leading fighters, and 4 years later entered the Extreme Challenge Middleweight one-night tournament which he came out as the winner.
Kennedy came back in 2009 to Strikeforce fighting for another 3 years. His win to loss ratio kept on holding bagging on more wins. Once the Strikeforce ended, he joined UFC in 2013 where he won his inaugural fight against Roger Gracie followed by several other victories.
His first biggest defeat was against Yoel Romero with a technical knockout (TKO) in the fight. In 2017, he publicized his retirement intention from MMA with 18 wins and 6 loss record.

Awards and Achievements

Kennedy was the tournament winner of the Extreme Challenge Middleweight challenge in 2003. He won the awards for Fight of the Night and Knockout of the Night prizes one time each in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Net Worth of Tim Kennedy

The current net worth of Matthew Patrick in 2018 is unknown to date. He has declined to reveal his net worth to the public, but estimations predict that he is a millionaire ($1 million USD+). He gets a large portion of his income through Ultimate Fighting Championship matches and Mixed Martial Arts fighting. Set aside his fighting career, he is now more focused in pursuing forward in his military career.