Ugly God Net Worth 2018 - Biography, Salary & Income

- July 07, 2018
Royce Davison, known to his fans as “Ugly God” is a semi-famous rapper out of Houston, Texas.  Davison is more of a legend to his social media fans as his rap songs have not found much acclaim in mainstream media.
Ugly God Net Worth 2018

Early Life of Ugly God

Born September 9, 1996 in Indiana, Ugly God moved around a lot as a kid, spending most of his childhood in Mississippi and Texas.  He fancied himself a rapper as early as 7th grade when he coined his first stage name, “Pussy Bacon.”  His parents (surprisingly?) disapproved and made him change his name.  He went with “Ugly God”, which is a short version of his second choice, “I am real ugly.”
In 2014, Ugly God released his first song, “I Beat My Meat.”  At the time, Ugly was still in school and the school officials demanded he take the song off of his profile.  Ugly complied but released the song later to the public.  The public agreed with the school that the song was not appropriate for general release, but by then the song had become a hit with his followers on social media.
After high school, Ugly God was accepted to the University of Southern Mississippi with a concentration in computer sciences.  However, Ugly decided that school and computer science did not gel with his unique style so he dropped out of college and decided to pursue his rap career full time.

Ugly God Career

Shortly after leaving school, Ugly God released his first legitimate hit “Water.”  This song caught the attention of Asylum Records, who decided to sign Ugly to a recording contract in 2017.  His first record under the label was his second hit titled, “Bitch.”  I can imagine how his parents felt about this one!  He went on to record a rap parody of presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders called, ironically enough, “Bernie Sanders.”

Ugly God Achievement and Success

Ugly God’s first mixtape, “The Booty Tape’” actually reached #30 of the Top 200 of the Billboard Charts in 2017.  Recently, however, Ugly God expressed on his social media account that he wants to start writing songs about more serious subjects stating “I have been scared to show my versatility.”   This remains to be seen.
As to whether or not Ugly God is on the market, sorry ladies, but this man is taken – at least for now.  Being the private man that he is (despite his rapping about “beating his meat” and “booty calls”) Ugly chooses not to release more than the first name of his girlfriend – Edith.  When you look at his girlfriend’s social media handle, she calls herself the Ugly Goddess.  Maybe things are more serious than we think?
Ugly God’s net worth is estimated to be about $250,000 but with talent like his, the sky’s the limit. 

Ugly Dog Net Worth

Real Name – Royce Davison

Birth Date – September 9, 1996

Born – Indiana

Nationality – American

Race – Black

Source of Income – Rapper

Net Worth: $250,000

Girlfriend – Edith R.