Kirsten Powers Net Worth 2018 - Biography, Salary & Income

- August 05, 2018
Kirsten powers is a columnist, Author and a political analyst. She is a graduate of political science; Kirsten also holds a journalism degree from the Georgetown University. She is considered as a democrat voice and a brilliant political pundit. Kirsten is a columnist for USA today and a contributor for Fox News. She also appeared on CNN partnering with Don Lemon.
Kirsten Power Net Worth 2018

Kirsten Early Life

Kirsten was born in 1969 in Fairbanks Alaska, her parents were archaeologists. Kirsten powers studied at Maryland University, where after she graduated she joined the University of Georgetown, she schooled there for one and a half years. Kirsten was raised as an Episcopalian, believing everybody was equal for God.

Kirsten Career

Kirsten was a strong supporter of global health care. She worked in Clinton’s administration as trade representative. Afterward; Kristen joined the New York State Democratic Committee. Already, she has filled in as a writer for the New York Post; however she cleared out the activity to join USA Today. Kristen's first section showed up on The American Prospect. Forces various articles are consistently distributed on USA Today, Elle, the New York Observer, and Salon.
Kirsten has featured in shows like The Lead with Jake Tapper, CNN Tonight with Don Lemon and the Anderson Copper 360 show. Kirsten has shared her view publically on many matters concerning government and security. She was against the military strategy on the Iraq war. She stood against the Doctrine law and the Death Penalty. Kirsten played a major role in the Andrew Cuomo’s election campaigns for governor. She supports Gun control and the termination of Guantanamo Bay prison and relocating its prisoners to federal jails. Currently Kirsten Powers works for the Fox News.

Kirsten’s Awards & Achievements

Kirsten is known to be a very distinguished person, with her articles appearing in almost all USA street journals, like the USA Today, The New York Observer, and Salon. She has archived so much as a political analyst and her support on health care systems. 

Kirsten Net Worth

As of 2018 Kirsten powers net worth is estimated upto $25 Million .Most of her income is as a result of her successful career of Political analyst, a writer and also a columnist. Kirsten lives a perfect lifestyle as a rich journalist and she delivers at her best. Her net worth is expected even to rise higher due to her excessive net worth that she owns.
The American CNN has contracted her for over $950000 as salary per year. She has served as a Trade Representative in Clinton’s government. Her career is on track as she is on CNN as a political analyst, the lead with Jake Tapper and also writers for USA Today. Her political career has really worked for her due to the interaction with senior political personalities.
Kirsten has surely made it both in the media field and at a personal level; the choice of being a political journalist has worked and kept her on the spotlight the good reasons.