Matt Stonie Net Worth 2018 - Biography, Salary & Income

- August 05, 2018
Matt Stonie is a social media/YouTube personality and a competitive eater. Matt is from American and he is ranked No. 3 in the world’s major league. His video first appeared on YouTube when he finished a gallon of Gatorade in only 37 sec. Stonie owns a YouTube channels where he records himself eating. His video are inform of challenges where he can finish certain amount of food in specific time.
Matt Stonie Net Worth 2018

Stonie’s Early Life

Matt Stonie was born in San Francisco, California in May 24th 1992.He has a sibling called Morgan Stonie. Matt schooled at Evergreen Valley High School, which is based in California. After completing high school, he joined Santa Clara College in California to study food and Nutrition. Amazingly being ranked among top 5 in the world in eating competition, he weighs 130 pounds (59kg) and is 5 Ft. 8 in (1.73m) tall. Matts ancestral is from Japanese and European, which is the Lithuanian and Czechoslovakian.

Matt Stonie Career

Matt Stonie is the youngest in major Eating League at only 26years now; he began when he was 24 years. Stonie’s first major competition was in Stockton, She won the competition, where he eats the Fried Asparagus in Stockton California. In 2010 Matt won his first competition at a lobster eating competition in Hampton Beach. On July 4 2015 Matt surprised many people when he defeated 8-times defending champion, in Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest.
2016 he finished in second position behind Chestnut, in a hot Dog competition Chestnut eat 70.In 2017 Matt eat 48 hot dogs to finish third behind Carmen Cincottis 60 and Chestnut’s 72 respectfully.
In August 27 2012 he uploaded his fist video on YouTube in which he managed to drink a gallon of Gatorade in 37 seconds. Well known celebrity have managed to acknowledge Matts videos, being impressed with his talent they have even posted the videos on their websites. On September he eat MacDonald big mac sandwiches in 22 minutes, Stonie uploaded the video. In 2018 Matt Stonie had hit over 5 million people who had subscribed to his YouTube channel. By April 2018 his YouTube video was the most viewed with over 25 million views.

Awards & Achievements

Matt Stonie won the 2015 Hot Dog international Contest, beating the 8-times winner and the defending champion. In 2013 he was ranked 3 in the tournament as the best. Stonie has taken part in 6 competitions coming up as the best. In 2015 he emerged the best in all the competitions.

Matt Stonie Net Worth

Matt Stonie has a net worth of $700 thousands. Ranked 3rd in the world’s major eating league Championship, he is at the pick of a successful career. Matt has been very consistency taking part in so many competition, getting the best result Matt has been able to achieve many awards.